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4 friends dead, 3 by suicide...

This is a discussion on 4 friends dead, 3 by suicide... within the Lost to Suicide forums, part of the Suicide Forums category; Nothing will ever be able to take this pain away but I am dealing. I am sorry I sound like ...

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Old 06-24-06, 07:29 PM   #11
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Default To Shadow

Nothing will ever be able to take this pain away but I am dealing. I am sorry I sound like your mom but I am a mom and I hope and pray that my motherly advice helps someone. Thank you for leaving me a note, it helps me deal. Take care of yourself and try to find something to smile and laugh about everyday. Music also helps. It has become an even bigger part of my life than it was before.
Hugs- Lynette
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Default Hi I am new here

Hi, I am new here. :P I lost a daughter to suicide about 2 years ago, she was on drugs really bad , was facing a divorce and legal problems. No matter how much we tried to help we could not get her off the drugs, Amphetamines. She left three kids, two of which I never get to see, they went across country with thier dad, and I have a grandaughter, 11 I get to keep in touch with. Suicide seemed to hold so much stigma. Noone called hardly after the funeral. Guess they did not know what to say. I almost died too, became para-suicidal over her death and relapsed on drugs and alcohol and didn't care. It has taken a good deal of time to get over it as much as I have. But still, not one day goes that I don't miss her, you know. I am able to display her pictures, that took about a year and some months to be able to do. Despite her problems she was my sweet kid, my friend, the apple of my eye. She and I were always close. As we lived in the same area she would drive by and check on my daily l see noone now. My other kids won't talk to me, they found fault with my grieving, and who know why else. mary Beth
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This made me cry.
Thinking of how close you and him were.
I'm so sorry.
I know those words won't make-up that fact that he's gone,
but it's all i really can do.
I hope you're doing better.
I know you don't know me, but if you ever need to talk,
you can always come to me.
I don't judge, or point out mistakes.
I'll listen.
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Default Suicide

OMG...your story brings tears to my eyes...I fostered two special needs kids up until three years ago...my little girl was total care...24/7/365...tube feed...couldn't walk...talk...could only bum scoot...but we taught her how to walk and talk and sign...my son...even though I am not his bioligical mom...he is my son...due to fetal alcohol syndrome...had a lot of behavioral problems...he was only eighteen months when he was apprehended by the police from a relatives place...and very ill...he ended up in the hospital and had a cardiac arrest...and the next day his parents abandoned him there and left him to die...when I brought him home from the hospital...I would hold him in my arms...and cry and cry and wipe him with those tears...for about three months I never knew if he was going to wake up the next morning or if he would be dead in my arms...he just had his fourteeth birthday...but he would take after me with knives...and he would take pins and gouge himself...and cut himself up!...Because of other family dynamics going on in our home...after much counselling with me and my foster son...and to our utter dismay...the Department of Social Services decided to remove both of my foster children and put them in other homes...I don't think we have ever gotten over that!!!!!...He is always asking me when I am coming back home!!!!!...And now I feel like I have also abandoned him and left him behind...My brother was only 32 when he died...He died of Aides...I never got to say good bye to him...I also have a brother that found his very dear friend dead...he hadn't seen him for over 24 hrs...and knew something was wrong...went to his house and found he had blown his brains out with a shotgun...Seems there is a very fine line between life and death...sanity and insanity!!!!!...or perhaps people just get to the point where they feel so hopeless and helpless...they have no one or no where to turn to!... :?
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I am so sorry. You've been through hell. I don't know what to say (which is hard for everyone to imagine, I'm sure). I just ache for you.

Hang on...
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I'm sorry about your friends, especially losing 4 of them. I had a friend who hung herself 7 months ago, 15 years old and 23 days away from her 16th birthday. right before christmas... and I never got to say goodbye or how I felt, she's my angel now. Things get easier with time.... they'll always be waiting for you up in heaven.
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