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I Came Out

This is a discussion on I Came Out within the LGBT forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; I came out not too long ago.. I kind of wish I stayed in the closet. I've become more depressed ...

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Default I Came Out

I came out not too long ago.. I kind of wish I stayed in the closet. I've become more depressed as my mom showed me scriptures and religious things about homosexuality. She gets annoyed when I mention things like trans people in casual conversation. I am trying my best go be proud of who I am. Does anyone have any happy coming out stories they'd like to share? It'd really cheer me up..
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Hopefully in time she will be more supportive, it's difficult for some to accept when views are so ingrained.

I'm a guy and never took a girl home from school to somewhere around 20-21 years old or so. I soon heard via my brother's girlfriend that my father's first words after this were along the lines of, "well at least we know now he's not gay".

Actually, I'm bisexual, and that of course is why my parents do not know. Too many of older generations are not going to change.

Many of my closer friends over the years know of my sexuality, including my current partner and last few. In a work trip with a female colleague we were talking and I told her, her first words were, "how do you know?" due to only ever seeing me with female partners (I have three children with two different women). I asked her how she knows she's attracted to guys...

Anyhow, every single person of my age and below (I'm 37) has been totally accepting from the moment I've said anything, so I think it's just a case of the ages.

I'm guessing your mom still hasn't met any partners? That might help to convince her it's not a phase or something that needs to be corrected.

Stay proud of who you are, you don't need to change anything
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I came out to my friends long before I came out to my Mom. But, I was a preacher's kid, and it was not until I was super depressed and feeling at my lowest that I told my Mom. My partner of five years had left me, and I wanted to die. Mom was not thrilled at first, but eventually she dealt with it and even in casual conversation to my brother, who did not know, expressed a belief that people are born gay. She had read some article and was trying to figure it out in her mind. She first had blamed herself, we talked about the Bible, but when it became clear to her that I was always gay, it changed her perspective. I won't say she completely understands now, but things got tons better. Your Mom going to the Bible passages was how she dealt with it because she did not want it to be true. Of course, I don't even believe the Bible is against gays. I think most people misinterpret what the Bible really says, but it does not really matter one way or the other. You just got to give your Mom time. You have had a long time to deal with being gay, but your Mom has not, so she can't change over night. By the whole Bible thing, it was actually an attempt to show she cared even if it was an unhelpful move. It was her way. So, yeah give it time and in the mean time teach yourself to love you and feel good about being gay.

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