Any other transgender people?
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Any other transgender people?

This is a discussion on Any other transgender people? within the LGBT forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; How do you deal with knowing you're going to have a lifetime of dysphoria?...

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Default Any other transgender people?

How do you deal with knowing you're going to have a lifetime of dysphoria?
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I hope that my answer in no way offends (in case it does please let me know)

The first step is to accept yourself as you are. Not in the "I was born a male/female" but the way you are as a human being.

Secondly ,and I know just how impossible it can be to do this, you must be aware that people who are not open-minded enough will not accept the idea of transgender because it clashes with the illusion they have of how things should be but not of how they are.

You can engage in things that are of your liking, regardless of what biological gender you are. That applies also for the "roles" which again are nothing more than a social illusion. You do what makes you feel good about yourself and don't pay attention to anyone who disses you for being who you are.
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That's such simple, yet said and moving question. Why would you have a lifetime of disphoria?
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Start to change it.
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I'm a transgender people
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the prospect of HRT is the only thing that looks like a sun on my horizon
"Under the iron bridge we kissed-
and although I ended up with sore lips
it just wasn't like
the old days anymore.
No it wasn't like those days-
am I still ill?
am I still ill?"
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I am. I'm FtM. I haven't started hormones yet, every time in the past I've tried to come out to my mother, she never took me serious and it got dropped after her yelling and calling me stupid, telling me to grow up.. I've felt this way since I was about 8 (I'm now 23), and if anything, the feelings of dysphoria are only growing worse.. I hope to come out this year or next, and put my foot down. I'm saving money now that I'm working so that if worst comes to worst and I get kicked out, I have money to rent my own place.
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Over the years I've worked with several transgender people at my job. They were all very accomplished scientists or engineers. Really nice people too. It did make me sad though that they weren't always accepted by others at work. I remember maybe 10+ years ago, one transgender woman I worked with told me how for several years some women at work complained because she was using the women's restroom. I just don't get why people are so mean and want to discriminate against others. Ironically, the women who complained were the gossipy secretary types whereas the transgender woman was a renowned scientist with a PhD and highly respected in her field. Maybe those other women were just jealous of her accomplishments? Anyway, I remain hopeful that folks become more accepting and celebrate diversity.
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transgender female here! fun to meet others who feel the same as i do in this world of dysphoria.

to the people who mentioned acceptance. dysphoria has nothing to do with accepting yourself. dysphoria is like the mental version of a spark of electricity beetween two cut pieces of cable.. the two sides of your identity the one whom you feel in your mind you are and the one you show outside at least in some early part of your life are just 2 seperated sides of a cable raising a spark in the mind of discomfort that the two sides do not fit
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