A "how to guide" for new members
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A "how to guide" for new members

This is a discussion on A "how to guide" for new members within the Introductions forums, part of the Forum Announcements category; Welcome to TTL new member, we hope you enjoy it here. I see a lot of new members asking lots ...

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Default A "how to guide" for new members

Welcome to TTL new member, we hope you enjoy it here.

I see a lot of new members asking lots of the same questions about how to use TTL, so I thought I would write up a guide so we don't have to repeat ourselves

There are some rules to stick to when you are talking about your problems, please read them here - Official Guidelines

When you have read them and said hello to everyone in "Introductions" you will probably want to get started straight away and get your problems down so that you can get some advice and feedback on your situation.

If you look at the main screen under the "Challenges" section, you see 7 categories:

Mental and Physical Health
Personal Issues
Life's Other Challenges
Feeding the Fire

with multiple forums.

If you click on one of the 7 categories it will take you to an expanded view of the forums, for example if you click on category "Depression"- you will see two forums listed:

Troubled Loved Ones

Then if you click on one of those forums it will take you to all the threads that people have created to discuss their problems.

Have a look around all the forums to find the right forum for what you want to write about.

Once you have found the right forum, click on it and look for this button . This will allow you to create a new thread where you will be able to write a title and then detail what you want to discuss with people.

if you want to reply to someone elses thread you need to look for this button -

There's lots more you can do too, but you will pick that up as you go along

The "Lighter Side" section at the bottom of the main page is for everything that is not to do with depression, games, music and other stuff.

At TTL we have the use of Private Messages. However you can not use them until you have reached a certain amount of posts. The reason there is a limit is to stop spammers (advertisers) and Trolls (horrible weird people) from using them, and also to avoid people seeking support there.

To make things easier for you there is a "subscribe" feature here. This allows you to keep track of what you have written and who has replied. Otherwise you could write a thread and forget about it and you won't see who has replied. You can subscribe manually or automatically, I will describe both ways -

To subscribe manually to a thread you need to be actually viewing it. At the top you will see "thread tools" click on it and then click "subscribe to thread". it will take you to another page with a button that says "add subscription" click it.... job done

Automatic subscription-
This is much easier. When ever you create a thread or post on a thread you will be automatically subscribed to it, here's how to do it-

At the top of the screen, under the TTL logo, you will see "USER CP" Click it and it will take you to the user control panel. Here you can modify all sorts of options, for autosubscribe click on "edit options" and look for where it says "Default Thread Subscription Mode" (near the top). Click on the "do not subscribe" drop down menu and select "no email notification". Then scroll to the bottom and click "save changes". That's it, you will now be subscribed to everything you post in

To view your subscriptions click on "quick links" at the top of the page. And select "Subscribed Threads" - this will take you to a page with all of your subscribed threads in it. The ones in bold blue are the ones with unread replies in them.

That's all there is to really. If you have any questions you can always contact moderators. :)
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