No Matter The Amount: Positivity
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No Matter The Amount: Positivity

This is a discussion on No Matter The Amount: Positivity within the Inspirational Quotes and Stories forums, part of the Inspiration category; No matter the amount of negativity you've been presented with, five minutes from now could be the best moment of ...

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Smile No Matter The Amount: Positivity

No matter the amount of negativity you've been presented with, five minutes from now could be the best moment of your life.

"Why not try to be the person who wakes up every morning and just says, F--- yeah! I woke up! I did it! I woke up again and I'm going to live! Every day you break the world record for the longest days you've been alive, you know? You have something to be proud of every single day when you wake up."
MOD SUN is probably the most positive person i've ever seen...and i guess it helps he's a stoner
P.S Nice shoes.
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Nice topic here.

It's amazing how people can assume positivity as a projection of their vital life force, especially when neutral and negative influences abound.
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It's not how long you live but it's how you live your life that's matter the most
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it is not the all stupid positivity that gets you is both negative and positive...that's the ingredients of life. you cant ignore one and pretend it doesnt exist. it is there, it will always be. the thing that gets you going, the thing that lets you say fuk yeah i'm alive is this inner deep inclination, more of like a magnet drift to living. it is not that dumb positive affirmation that all is good all is great, negative dont exist, nothing bad gonna happen. No. it is about what that deep emotional magnet is attracted to. either you are busy being born or your busy dying. ain't no neutral ground. and the only thing that can change this subconscious drift, is not affirmation and all this bullshit that so said happiness gurus preach and make a fortune out of their miracle positivity systems, the only thing that can change the direction and attraction of that drift is habit. out of experience i write. now the question arises: from where to begin? what to do? where are these rotten apples that needs to be tossed away? no one can tell it better than felix dennis poem:

Never go back. Never go back.
Never return to the haunts of your youth.
Keep to the track, to the beaten track,
Memory holds all you need of the truth

here is my interpretation of this poem: "never go back. never go back" once you decide that you want to be where you want to be and do what you want to do. do it. and never look back. Don't stay in that hesitation mode where the outcome is paralysis. decide and never look back.
"never return to the haunts of your youth" oh it was better before. i can never be the same again...etc..."keep to the track , to the beaten track" the track is the action habit. beaten? because it will look beaten to you. it will feel beaten. but no matter keep to it. and if you stay long enough in it you will force the outcome to be what you want it to be. there is no exceptions. it is just how it is. here endurance is the main thing. stamina is key. they are built by practice and repetition. "memory holds all you need of the truth" this is it. if you're an adult, you have experienced all the emotions. and your subconscious never forgets. search back your memory, remember how it felt like. and repeat it once again
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Your dismissal of positive thinking might be true for you, but there is no doubt to me that a deliberate habit of being positive has positive results; better outcomes and better mood.

Being positive is different than pretending that negative things don't happen. Being positive is knowing that you can make a bad situation better, and a good situation great, just by using a particular attitude.

It takes practice to do it well, and often, it takes courage, persistence, patience, even force of will.

18 months ago, I had a job where I was being constantly victimized by a sad little 20 year old girl. She ultimately succeeded in getting me fired. Oh well. The day I was fired and the three days afterward until I was able to fly out of that town, I kept an upbeat attitude.

I think she was a little confused by my apparent refusal to be bothered by what had just happened to me, which was its own reward. And the people that I worked with were at first sympathetic, and then they pulled closer to me. On the evening before the day I was flying out of that Alaskan town they invited me to go party at the two bars in town. We all had a good time and I left on a high note.

Even though I lost a fun job, even though the management believed me to be unskilled and unproductive, I was determined to make the best of it.

I took the skills I learned on that job (a job I actually became good at while still in Alaska), and parlayed them into a new career. I'm now recognized as something of a savant in my job, recognition by people who know the field, despite my relative lack of experience. THAT's a positive outcome.

I'd like to go back to that Alaskan town, meet up with my old Alaskan friends, and tell them of my success. Set the record straight. I know that the 20 yo has moved on, and her manager is failing at his job, too. Maybe next year I'll take an Alaskan vacation.
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well done. you used failure and learned from it and applied it and this lead to a positive outcome.

what i was trying to say is that negative is normal. negative is not to be ignored (u can not play silly games on your mind). but negative is to be conquered, it is to be mastered. can u experience positive without the negative? can their be life without death? and what makes life valuable is death. but u have to push back the negative or else it will push u. and that's what makes life interesting and fascinating. but also dangerous. and negative must be harnessed as a wide horse and've got to use the negative to destroy your enemies. we all have enemies. we have to do some negative thinking. lest it happens and you wont be able to recognize it. when this 20 year girl were using the negative (victimization) you cant think positive and think that she is being positive. and she won! the negative have won! but what helped is that you used the negative, learned from it and draw something positive out of it. now what will you do if the same scenario happens again in your new work? would you let negative win again? or will you combat it? what i mean is that you have to drink from both cups: the positive and the negative.
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Turn the negativity into positivity by being proud you are outshining the negativity!

The "best time in your life" quote is great too, Illy, as there is always enough positivity to go around and outshine all the negativity. I thought I was doomed forever but then the best thing in my life happened, stimulating me enough to get out of even that. (The best time in my life was realizing we are alll save in the end forever in every way and it got rid of all those black holes I was seeing, or rather, the part-of-my-soul-will-never-come-back thought.
But every lesson's a blessin, no stressin... ~Cherine Anderson

Recession is when a neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. ~Ronald Reagan
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