Life Works When You Are Happy- Please Ck this out! Angel
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Life Works When You Are Happy- Please Ck this out! Angel

This is a discussion on Life Works When You Are Happy- Please Ck this out! Angel within the Inspirational Pictures forums, part of the Inspiration category; I am finding so many wonderful stories about the ways that people change and are changing their lives. I would ...

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Default Life Works When You Are Happy- Please Ck this out! Angel

I am finding so many wonderful stories about the ways that people change and are changing their lives. I would like to share as many of them as I can with you. This is an act of giving to all of you. I get nothing from sharing all of this with you except the wish that something may strike a chord within you and when you face that dark night of the soul you will have some new tools you can use.

This is the story of Takara and her husband Raven. So, all I can say is Take what you can use........And throw away the Rest :-)

There is much I want to say....however, I have a computer virus I am dealing with. I will be back. We will choose to live.......together, one day at a time. And, together we will find a way to be happy.
So, I hope you enjoy Takara's story.

Life Works
When You Are Happy!
It Sucks
When You Are Not!
Your Guide to a Happy Successful Life
by Takara

You may distribute this e-book freely.

Life Works When You Are Happy!
It Sucks When You Are Not!
Your Guide to a Happy Successful Life
By Takara
Copyright © 2006 Spirit of Nature
Spirit of Nature Publishing
P.O. Box 31275
Santa Fe, NM 87594

Disclaimer: This publication is for informational and educational
purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat physical, mental, or
emotional disorders. For serious conditions, see a trained healthcare

You will never be successful in business, or in any other
area of life, unless you master this principle.
Life works when you are happy. It sucks when you are not.
What does that mean exactly?
It means that when you are sad, depressed, angry,
frustrated and the like, your life has very little chance of
Thoughts are things. And I mean that in a literal sense.
When you spend all your time thinking about and talking
about how awful things are – your job, your health, your
finances, your boss, your spouse, your kid, your
government (you do realize that this list could continue on
forever), you will only get more of the experiences that
caused you to complain in the first place.
You’ll be stuck in what I call the negative spin for the rest
of your life.
If you are reading this, then I’ll assume you are like we are,
and you would rather have life be a little (or a lot) happier,
easier, and more fun.
That is not only possible, but quite attainable. I’ll share
with you some of our story.
My husband, Raven, was once an R.N. in the Canadian
military and he followed that with a career as a police
officer in downtown metro Toronto. Day after day he was
faced with danger and stress that were a natural part of his

I, Takara, was once a front line supervisor and Industrial
Engineer in the pharmaceutical industry. I had a great job
title and a fabulous little red sports car. I usually had a
gorgeous man on my arm. I often enjoyed lovely meals in
the ritziest restaurants in Manhattan and enjoyed
numerous Broadway plays. I traveled well and often. I was
living the great American Dream. But along with the dream
came a huge decline in happiness, poor health, and mental
and emotional stress that were almost unbearable.
Eventually we both left our comfortable, lucrative careers
and headed off into the sunset to follow our respective
dreams. We wanted to find ourselves. And we wanted to
lead lives that had more meaning and greater levels of
happiness. Luckily along the way we found each other and
the rest, as they say, is history.
We live in the places that most people only visit on
vacation. We work part time and play the rest. We’ve grown
enormously as individuals and as a couple. We haven’t
always had a lot of money, but boy do we know what it
means to be happy and at peace. We have the things that
most people don’t even dare dream about.
We have a profound romantic relationship. We have great
friends. We are happy and healthy. Our careers allow us to
do what we love. We get to spend tons of quality time with
our son. We enjoy our lives.
We have a deep love of self and for each other. We have a
deep connection with nature and with the Divine. We know
who we are and we know what matters to us. We both are
doing what brings us joy. We, each in our own unique way,
help others improve their lives and that brings us great

We’ve healed and moved beyond our past, our
programming, our fears, our worthiness issues – all the
things that have limited us as individuals. And we have
attained peace.
I once had a 70-something year old man tell me that he had
traveled the world over and met innumerable amounts of
people. He shared that in all those travels he had never met
anyone that exuded as much inner peace as I do.
We don’t have all the answers. But we do have a lot of
them. We glide through life usually with a smile on our
face. And we help others see life from a completely new and
often more empowered perspective.
We have taken my favorite quote and turned it into a
I’ve walked on fire. I’ve run at full speed barefoot down a
hillside that dropped off into the raging ocean below - while
blindfolded. I’ve given birth at home in water with only
Raven there to assist. I’ve experienced miraculous healing -
no longer needing glasses after wearing them for 15 years.
I’ve done daring and unusual things. And no you don’t have
to do any of that in order to be happy.
Thank heavens. Right?
Life is either a daring adventure,
or it is nothing.
– Helen Keller

Those things are nothing compared to the really daring
things I’ve done.
I’ve faced my worst fears. I’ve looked at the really icky ugly
parts of my personality, my past, and my human frailties.
I’ve looked at what I’ve done that wasn’t nice and the
reasons I did them.
I’ve allowed myself to be truly open, honest, and vulnerable
in relationship. I’ve dared to dream. I’ve dared to love. I’ve
dared to move beyond what I thought I was capable of. I
have evolved as a human. I’ve become real. I am no longer
the façade – the pretend person – that I used to present to
the world. And I’m damn happy.
So now it’s your turn.
But first you have to shift your focus from what is wrong in
your world to what is right in your world. And you have to
make a commitment to making your life better. Why?
Because despite what you think about yourself or what
other’s may have told you –
You Are Worth It!
Three things prevent people from truly thriving in life:
1. Judging themselves and complaining about others
2. Financial challenges
3. Physical (health) challenges
You have to actively work on improving all three all of the
time. It doesn’t have to be an arduous, horrible, loathsome
task. It can be quick and painless. But it must be done
A few of the ways to start making positive changes right
now are found in this eBook.

To completely move beyond your past:
• The traumas
• The negative programming you received from your
family, society, culture, friends, enemies, teachers,
lovers, spouse, boss, and everyone else
• Your habits and patterns that keep you stuck
• And the root cause of all of those
- the reasons you judge yourself and complain about
others, visit this link and download my ebook From Fear to
Freedom. You will be amazed at how quickly and how little
effort is required for your life to change for the better.
Using the state of the art tools and technologies that I have
personally developed, you will see everything from a
completely new perspective and the state of happiness you
desire will be much easier to attain and maintain.
Everyone who reads From Fear to Freedom talks about how
they literally feel lighter – like huge weights (burdens) have
been lifted from their shoulders and their life.
Until I can say in truth that I am a multi-millionaire, I don’t
feel you should take your money advice from me.

Hunting for Happiness
Have you ever hunted for happiness? What I mean is have
you ever looked around for signs of happiness and joy?
Walking down the street in your town or city – do you see
any happy people there? In most cities people are arguing
or preoccupied with worry or rushing about because they
are late for something. In Santa Fe, New Mexico where we
live, I get to see lots of happy people.
Why are they so happy?
What about on television? Fear Factor shows people
terrified at the ridiculous things they are being asked to do.
I hope they are getting paid alot. What about the news?
Well that was pretty grim. No uplifting stories there. Hey
look, I found a show where they are demolishing a person's
house and then rebuilding it completely new. Wow, those
people are really happy. Those people are jumping up and
down, praising God, kissing people. There is actually
happiness there.
Why are they so happy?
Will you find happiness if you visit a park? Guess what I
found at the park? There were many happy people there.
People were smiling and laughing. Children were laughing,
running and playing. I observed someone going up to a lady
walking a puppy. Everyone stopped to smile and pet the
little dog. The puppy wagged its tale and tried to jump up
and lick the person. There was lots of laughter all around.
Why are they so happy?
Where has the happiness and joy gone in your life?

I couldn't find mine for longer than I'd like to admit. But it
is definitely very present now. How did I manage to find it
and to keep it?
Why are people in Santa Fe happier than those in many
other locations?
Most of the people walking around Santa Fe come on
vacation. Santa Fe is one of the most popular spots in the
world for travel. It was recently ranked number 10 Best
City in the World by Travel and Leisure, number 5 on the
Favorite Destination list by Conde Nast Traveler, and
number 1 Most Healthy City by Organic Style Magazine.
The people visiting aren't “doing
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WOW! Okay, so I read that whole thing! And..I dont think I have ever been so...speechless in my life! I have never looked at things like what has been said in here.

I have always wondered what the high-pitched ringing in my ear was! That dolphin thing, now..I think that would scare me just a little bit, but it would be cool to see it!

I really liked the quote in there, Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing- Helen Keller

WOW!! I am speechless!
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