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Raw and aggressive music

This is a discussion on Raw and aggressive music within the Inspirational Music and Movies forums, part of the Inspiration category; My favorite band is Ironhand, sweet symphonic industrial with nailguns & all kinds of pneumatic powertools as percussion! Also, the ...

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My favorite band is Ironhand, sweet symphonic industrial with nailguns & all kinds of pneumatic powertools as percussion! Also, the mastermind behind the band has been really awesome to me, he went through a lot of work to send me a shit ton of music programs. Fl Studio, soundfonts, plug-ins, drum kits, he got me started & I owe him a lot.

My Factory by Ironhand
YouTube - ironhand - my factory

Vicar by Ironhand
YouTube - ironhand - vicar
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Powerful song. That breakdown where he screams "now take it back" is the best!

YouTube - Amarna Reign - The Fight (Isn't Over) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
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I love metal too, all kinds.. but I need Cannibal Corpse and Deicide to help me release my demons.
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I agree listening to metal does make me feel better, especially the heavy stuff like slipknot

HELSTAR - Monarch Of Bloodshed - YouTube helstar monarch of bloodshed
SlipKnoT - Despise (demo) - YouTube
one of my favourite slipknot songs

Metallica - Just a Bullet Away - YouTube
new metallica song - just a bullet away
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Old 03-27-12, 12:04 AM   #65
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If I want something ridiculously extreme I listen to Pig Destroyer, but if it's just pure heaviness I listen to Immolation, Ahab, Whitechapel or Cryptopsy's earlier stuff with Lord Worm "singing"
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wow im shocked this thread was revived lol, but from 2009 to now ive shifted to other mediums of music as well mostly to the folk rock kinda stuff like Iron & Wine, Bon Iver, but i still listen to slipknot and so on every know and then.
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To quote "You cant kill The Metal, The Metal will live on".

Metal is so amazing at releasing feelings, and makes my imagination have free roam through the universe. No longer strapped to the feelings of stressful stuff.

Currently have Demon Hunters new album on. Pretty good stuff.

....And now Tenacious D is back on....I shouldnt of quoted....arrrgh the consequences! :D
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