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Default [LONG] Motivation [ORIGINAL SONG]

My Motivation, Is my mind. My motivation is my life, the people around me. In this piece i portray 2 sides of myself, one that feels evil which would represent my mind, one that feels good, which would represent how i really am, However my mind is evil against evil. Meaning I only hate those that make people feel bad, so anything evil in this, is directed to anyone that has hurt you, or anything. I pretty much wrote this in an hour or two so i'm sorry if it isn't the best but it was just something that hit me. This was mostly inspired for people that get bullied, teased, Judged on how they look, or feel like that are forced to do bad things. 80% of this piece was inspired by a transgender teen that killed herself over bullying, "A message to those that feel the same, with a message to those that caused the pain."


I do this for the people that have a story for every bruise thats present
I do this for the people that try to refuse depression
confused, rejected, abused, neglected, abuse injections
Who only need someone to make a true connection
So I'm here to put you in a new direction
See these on my face, battle scares, a war for 6+ years
constantly trying to hold back tears, ruining along to my peers
but it seemed as one grew, another one of my friends disappears
to the point where everything that used to love became my fears
but don't be mistaken, i use it as a motivation, if someones hatin
just change the station, but i cant stop these thoughts from pacin
So i listen to certain music to change what my mind states in
And i don't care if it isn't health, it helps see
So dont talk behind my back because you know nothing about me
but i'll tell you, straight outa hell, DREW, i only deal with the guilty
So if you step outa line, ill go back to hell and im taking you with me

Not playin no games not tellin no lies, when it comes time
You get no help from the skies, death stare in my eyes, i'm tellin you guys
don't make me hate you because everything that i hate eventually dies
You see but that isn't Drew, that's just what my mind states in
On the path of God, but walking in the shadow of Satan
doesn't seem i think twice even if i know i'm mistaken
but it's those same simple thoughts that became an obsession
which led to aggression which ultimately led to anti depressant
not playing no games when i'm up on the mic
not telling no stories, im telling my life

You see i write what i live, i live what i write, see a true reflection
Thoughts cause the insomnia, the cause of drews depression
This world is ruthless, during hard times seems impossible to do it
at a stand still, God cant see me, eyes are designed to detect movement
so i sit there and cry, pray up to the sky, watch the angels fly, so fluent
just wanting to die, but they made me realize, that in life you get no retries
so now i use it, to cover bruises and if i lose it,
just gotta remind myself that i am not useless
and that it takes a whole lot of courage to actually do this
Still got the demons that hold me back so relentless
feel them creep up the scent of the foulest essence
temperature drops 20 below, a demonic presents
but i don't give them the time of day because they feed off attention
and this is for everyone so let this be a good lesson
For everyone like me where their heads in
don't show no affection, because there isnt a question
you will get injected and there isnt a cure for this type of infection

Constant thoughts make me feel like a burden
got me searching through life trying to find a purpose
but with my mind i'm very observant
near sighted but my mind sees right to the orbit
taking hard times and just letting my mind absorb it
like the fact that people making me feel all worthless
not treating me like an actual person
but if there is an example of someone who escaped, i'm one
not even at home i feel safe, there's no God where i'm from
but that place, just a bad memory, of the demons that entered me
the darkest of entities, turning me against myself, i'm my only enemy
but i no longer let them get to me.
Thats how you escape, you use your life to inspire you
see thats what i would do, now just look at drew

but don't get me wrong still having these thoughts to the point it seems
i suffocate in dreams, wake up not knowing what any of it means
so i sit with the lights on and try to understand it, try to grab it
and use it to my advantage and when i cant manage i scream DAMN IT
i need a bandage for the damage my brain caused
still dont know the real drew cause im split in two, ive been chain sawed
cut in half and my brains fraud, all a scam, all a lie
Even I wonder why I start to cry because deep inside
I don't want no one else to die, So in hard times, you will survive
you'll stay alive, just close ya eyes, go to a place where skies are blue
then turn to the side and there you'll find a billion others just like you.
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