breaking away.
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breaking away.

This is a discussion on breaking away. within the Inspirational Music and Movies forums, part of the Inspiration category; I remember when I was a kid there was this movie, Breaking Away. It's about a nieve kid who wants ...

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Default breaking away.

I remember when I was a kid there was this movie, Breaking Away. It's about a nieve kid who wants to be a bike racer and he idolizes the Italian cycling team, so he learns italian and pretends to be Italian and drives his father nuts speaking in an Italian accent, though he is'nt Italian. There's alot of friction between him and his father b/c his father is a very down to earth guy. Anyway, one day he hears the Italian team will race in his town so he enters the race, not to win, just for the honor of racing in the same race as the Italian racers. During the race, he does really well and catches up to the Italians, they of course don't like this and think he's trying to win, but of course he's happy just to talk to them--just a nieve kid. So they take off and try to escape him over and over, but he just keeps catching up to talk to them; eventually one of them jams a bycicle pump in his front wheel and he crashes horribly. He has to walk home. When his father gets home, he's sitting on the bed and the father says hi and the son answers with no accent; the father's taken aback and asks him what's wrong? The son tells him the story and the father says: " you know.... Everybody lies."

I've been thinking about this movie alot lately b/c it reminds me of my current situation and I often wish now, looking back, that I had listened to my father more.

Thats what fathers are for.
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Wow, tiggrr...interesting story and comparison to a movie, your father's words and your life now. As it goes, "we live and learn." And it stinks that we don't listen in the first place.

Keep on keepin' on....the best you can.

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