some might say I'm over reacting
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some might say I'm over reacting

This is a discussion on some might say I'm over reacting within the Grieving forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; I know this might seem stupid to most people. but my kitten died a few weeks ago and I am ...

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Default some might say I'm over reacting

I know this might seem stupid to most people. but my kitten died a few weeks ago and I am so depressed I am on the verge of suicide. I loved him so much and he got sick.. I took him to the vet and gave him medicine and when he wasn't getting better I took him back to the vet, they said he would be fine but he died that day.. right in frount of me.. he was crying and was looking right into my eyes when he died. I can't sleep, I keep seeing him.. dying in frount of me. and hearing him crying. I feel so awful that I couldn't save him. he was only a few months old. I've been feeling so horrible all I can do is drink to numb this pain so I don't do something stupid like kill myself. I don't know how to get over this. I don't have anyone to talk to.
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Awww hun im so sorry
From what you wrote you did everything you could to help your kitty

Could you maybe visit your doctor about getting a counsellor ?
I know some people will say its daft to get a counsellor over losing a pet but I dont believe that , losing a pet can be every bit as traumatic as losing a family member or friend (I think of my dogs as family, and I was devastated when our old border collie boy , Buddy , passed away in 2008)

From personal experience hun , trust me, the pain does lessen , even though you wont believe that right now


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They are your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are their life, their love, their leader. they will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of their hearts. You owe it to them to be worthy of such devotion
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Not stupid at all, it isn't rare for a pet to be considered a family member or of great intrinsic value. Most people probably know how it's like to lose a pet, I do as well, it is indeed painful. However, you sound like you have taken great care and affection for him in the past (going to the vet on more than one occasion) , as you are now and I think that is very commendable and compassionate. If anything, it is the veterinarians' fault for not diagnosing your pet properly, like they were supposed to. This is just a conjecture, but I don't think your kitten was crying entirely because of the pain, but because you've been such a great owner to him/her, I don't have the slightest notion that your kitten would want you to be upset, and in addition, there is prominent proof that you didn't just neglect to care for your pet, which is admirable.
My condolences for your losses and as stated previously, I hope you can find somebody more proficient at aiding you with the trauma.
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I've been crying like a baby for days because I just found out my dog has diabetes. It's not stupid at all or overreacting (ok. maybe in my case). Pets become a part of us. We nurture them and love them almost as one would do with there own child. I would say it's the same but I've found that it offends some people. My pets are my babies and I would truly mourn them. There is nothing wrong with that. But we need to go through the same process of mourning. How did you treat that kitten while it was here? You should have no regrets. You loved that baby. You did the best you could. You were there for him when he needed you and you should take pride in that. Just don't let this grief consume you. Like with any death, make your own life a memorial to that loved one. Maybe adopt a pet when your ready. The way that families of those lost to cancer take part in charities and such, you could take part in the humane society. I'm not saying to replace him or anything but just throwing some ideas out there. Hang in there.
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