Something happened tonight...
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Something happened tonight...

This is a discussion on Something happened tonight... within the Goals forums, part of the Inspiration category; So, something happened tonight and I feel its literally pulling on my soul. Its like god is calling me. I ...

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Default Something happened tonight...

So, something happened tonight and I feel its literally pulling on my soul. Its like god is calling me. I started writing music when I was very young because of a similar experience I had with music and it continues to be my passion today and this is the only thing since then that has struck me the same way. Here's what happened:

I currently drive a cab for a living and last night I had a call to pick someone up from the San Francisco airport. I got there about 30 min early and as usual I park somewhere near the airport to wait for the customer to call me before actually driving into the terminals to pick them up. I usually park at the same gas station but this time I thought Id try to see if I could go one exit further on the freeway to be closer but not actually IN the airport. As I got closer to the airport I could feel this vibration in my chest and quickly realized it was the loud noise of a plane taking off near by the freeway. I opened my window and as usual the sound shocked, frightened, exited and inspired me. Seeing something as big as a 7-47 flying through the air is an awe inspiring thing. Just thinking about the raw power those engines have combined with the technical genius of the design of the aircraft to create something with so much power.
So I soon realized that the exit before the airport was probably not a good place to park for a while but these giant buildings with no windows caught my eye. They had the United Airlines logo on the outside and there was bright light shining through one of the warehouse doors. As I drove by it I saw something that filled me with the same exitement as the sound of the 7-47 above me. It was a 7-47 engine with the outer layer off and I could see all the inner parts of the engine and there were people working on it. I realized I had come across the place where they build these amazing engines. To put it into perspective, imagine this circular engine where if it were sitting on the ground would stand 30 feet tall and about 30 feet across.
It dawned on me, that these incredible machines were built by people like you and me, that when a group of smart and educated individuals get together they can create something more powerful than anything they could ever conceive on their own. I seriously sat and stared in wonder at these warehouses. I saw dozens of these massive engines wrapped up and ready for use. I thought of all the times I had been on a plane and felt the intense vibration as the plane took off and thought to myself that all the while I was experiencing this that there were people in this warehouse that designed and built the engines that made it possible. Its like what these people were doing is REAL. These machines ACTUALLY exist. It blew my mind.
I dont know what this is going to mean for me or how it is going to change my future but something seriously shifted in me when I saw those engines in that warehouse. It makes me want to become an engineer so I can take part in something as real as that. It makes me want to play a part, no matter how small, in the production of something that powerful and beautiful and deadly and chaotic and inspiring as that. I feel the universe is calling me to be an engineer...
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Great to hear!!!! :)
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