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This is a discussion on -sigh- goals. within the Goals forums, part of the Inspiration category; I know I'm not allowed to give out any personal information but let's just say that I'm younger than most ...

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Default -sigh- goals.

I know I'm not allowed to give out any personal information but let's just say that I'm younger than most people here.

My goal, my ambition, is pretty big. I want to become an actor. I want to be on the big screen and want my name to be out there so when people see me they know who I am. I am trying to work hard on this goal, studying every acting trick, observing other actors, getting advice, joined drama classes, but it's killing me (Not the hardworking hours I have to put in to try becoming an actor) I am slowly losing hope in my goal with the lack of motivation and inspiration. I wake up every night in shock, in worry, that I wouldn't make it not just in acting but in life. Because of this everything has dropped, my studies, my fitness, my will to move on, so what do I do next?
Do I just give up? Do I just continue and fail on the spot as I get rejected by every audition. Or do I just ... Try?
My system has already convinced me that I will not succeeding. My mind keeps telling me "You won't make it, you will never make it. An actor, you!?, please. You're nothing but a pebble in the world of rocks" and maybe I'm right, maybe I'm just another guy with a dream.
Although something in me tells me that I can probably still become an actor if I keep trying, if I 'don't give up' and I understand. I am just lacking the motivation to move on, so I thought....
I need to post my thoughts somewhere; my emotions. I can't trust most people I know. My parents have double thoughts on my acting choice, my friends just make fun of me and my siblings are like my parents. I basically lost 89% of my hope in my ambition and afraid of going no where in life as I lack the motivation. All I want is someone or something to just reach out to me and get me going again. That's why I posted this and that's why you are interested enough to keep reading.
For anyone who gives me help thank you.
And for anyone who doesn't, I thank you for taking some consideration to read this post.
Although as down as this sounds, it's not. I'm just going through a swirl of ambitious thoughts because I'm at that age. Overall and thank anyone who even clicks on this post because at least I'm doing one thing at that is getting my name out there....well my username.
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I don't really know anything about acting, so I can't give you any solid advice in that area. But I have read lots of interviews with actors and actresses who say they were rejected many, many times before they ever got a role they wanted. If it's your dream to act, then keep going, keep trying, and don't give up on yourself!
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inspiration, motivation, help me

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