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This is a discussion on MAXIMUM PAIN vs. MAXIMUM PASSION within the Getting Better forums, part of the Inspiration category; For Maximum pain, I will try to describe a small feeling here: Suddenly something distracts you, you lift your head ...

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For Maximum pain, I will try to describe a small feeling here:
Suddenly something distracts you, you lift your head as your eyes catches upon a female of divine beauty, immediately you feel a “feeling” on your soul, your mind lost from the work, you cant help staring as you get a small vision of you and her sitting in a world of eternal romance, she smiles, maybe she is a little shy as you are trying to say “Will you marry me sweetheart?” romantic music is played in the back ground, then you try to guess her character, maybe she is as soft and calm as pink as she looks, maybe she is your type as well.
Okay, maybe its time you try to speak to her? Come on, be a man!...with great courage you nervously get up from your seat, and as you approach her, before you say “Hi” she notices you and walks away, the guy she was talking to smiles and says “That’s our boss’s new girlfriend! ain’t she?” and shows his tongue…your heart just got broken into pieces again, you look down on your desk feeling disappointed than ever…you wonder “ Don’t I have the right to be happy like everyone else? Maybe I am not good looking but don’t I have feelings? can’t I get loved?”…you start criticizing your status and your luck for being the loser all the time.

Here is another one:
It has been a few weeks you know her, she might not be too much but she’s good, enough for you. Maybe she talk a bit more but she is really funny and you can’t help laughing at her jokes, she enjoys your jokes as well, she is also very social with every one else, she doesn’t even mind giving a small dance in front of every one but I in the right time she is smart! And etiquette!....with your luck you have managed to take her out a few times and she has rocked your world, One night you have a dream about her doing her naughty things with you, then she is suddenly lost inside the dream. The next day you can’t help it anymore “Yes! She is the one! She is only for me”…you take her out that evening again and give the best you got…after that another one…and another until you mission is just about to be accomplished. One day she brings a guy to the meet and very happily she says “Hey D, this is my boyfriend, we met at a sub way station last Thursday” and kisses him. You smile to cover the pain and shake his hand, back home you give the last try by calling her up and telling how you feel, she says “ This is bullshit D! We are just friends not a couple! Get it?”

Dear Brother, I could have written more stories like this and one of them might match with you by coincidence but I am not here to make you feel bad, Lets just conclude that NOBODY is at fault here.

Now lets talk about Adrenaline,
I guess you have been to a theme park, tell me honestly how you liked the roller coaster! Yes, it feels as if you were going faster than the speed of sound…okay, how about the back seat of a fast motorcycle? or maybe a sports car with a crazy driver who hit over 100mph on a busy road? Scary, but fun right? Have you seen Vin Diesel in Fast and the Furious and seen how he does a wheelie in his 70s charger? How he hit the NOS? and maybe your have played video games on automobile racing with that kind of feeling,

but what I am trying to say is the real-life….Burning Gasoline and Chasing the Wind over 9000Rpms! Impossible Velocity! for I am a god who can move at that speed!! 180 degrees of smooth drift on my machine and reflexes to play Death race in Real life! Cause I am something you should be afraid of! Speed, Agility and Respect.

I want you to use your imagination and try to get the feeling of this thing at the moment and see if you still feel depressed.

Now, I might not be able to afford a sports automobile, but I have bought a fine bicycle and my baby “The Rocker-5” has custom-made head lights, tail lights, rims with spinners, mudguards and not to mention my magnificent "expendables" paint-job all best within my budget. I have formed a club of 38 bikers to Race after mid night and do stunts. I don’t have the romantic heart aches any more. Yeah, I know its childish but I have rather become the happiest person on earth. Yesterday I won a bike on pink slips Okay? Now I have two!!...lolzzz

If you don’t like racing, please don’t, but please! find your passion! cause you came to this earth to do something better than suffering, You deserve that man! Now comment.
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