keeping busy and being spiritual
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keeping busy and being spiritual

This is a discussion on keeping busy and being spiritual within the Getting Better forums, part of the Inspiration category; Ive found that a big part of why ive improved so much is the hobbies i have and the interests ...

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Default keeping busy and being spiritual

Ive found that a big part of why ive improved so much is the hobbies i have and the interests i persue. I have many varied interests like history, nature and wildlife, cats, studying new things, playing music, crafts of all kinds , art, growing plants indoors, spiritual teachings, meditation, yoga, nutrition, philosophy, literature reading books always, online and penpal friendships ,and finding ways to heal my body.
I have a major illness that has totaly upturned my life. It turned it upside down. I have an illness that causes 24/7 fatigue and exhaustion. It never leaves me and i can do little and im 90% bedbound and totlay housebound.
I can get out to sit in the garden occasionaly.
But my illness effects my senses all of them.
And basicaly im hyper sensitive to any external stimulus.
Anything from sunlight to noise and touch can be excrusiatingly painful and cause a big flare up of all of my myraid of symptoms like nausea, shaking, migranes, muscles spasms and pain, dizziness, colapsing, paralysis.
So i have to be very careful not to expose myself to anything that is too stimulating or any of the above could be triggeres off.
The symptoms come in bundles so i never just get one i have many happening at the same time and that leaves me flat out on the bed with the room spinning and me groaning writhing about in agony.
Thats if i over do things .
So i make very sure to stay within my limits and if i feel even a twinge of a symptom i go back to bed and rest. IIm in bed all day really execpt when i get up to sit in my other living room and then thats only for half an hour.
Its neurological my condition and i wont ever get well again though i could improve. It has left me severly depressed as you can imagine.
But all thats just to give you some backgound.

But basicaly ive descovered the joy of hobbies and endulging my many interests. I only put a few of them down.
The depression was terrable and i was suicidal for 10 years because of the life i have to live and the issolation of living alone with only 1 relative and no one to come and visit me and having to rely on agency workers to help me in my home to do all housework and meal preperation and look after my pets.
But the joy of doing the little i can do has transformed my life totaly. I do little and often all day with lots of breaks in between for resting.
Its all low energy stuff and mostly things i can do from bed.
My crafting and the spiritual teachings are the most important to me next to playing percusion music. I play drums and singing bowls , bells , maracas, and im adding to my instrument collection .
I sing and do arm dancing, yoga for cripples! chi gong for the impaired! All from lying down positions. There is so much to get your teeth into.
At the start i just added a little thing and then got used to it and added more.

But i highly recommend if you are depressed.
Get into something anything, as long as you just do something other than watching tv or listening to music.
It worked so well for me and i ended up with loads of confidence and many friends poped up through having the hobbies . I have loads of pen friends and write just a few paragraphs at night in a letter. It takes me about a week to finish one but its a great way to meet people. There are agencies online you can sign up for they will have a list of people looking to make friends.
I still get depressed but i think thats natural in my possition. But its vastly improved and im not suicidal anymore. I quite enjoy life and im smiley person.
I hope ive inspired someone to do something different. Just get out there and DO things it will help whats the worst that can happen!
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Wow, this was just so.... i am not sure if there exist word to describe this, but so heartwarming.

Throughout my every day here i see many posts, all problems and pains of people, which is how most of us got to this site in first place and sometimes, well, sometimes i cant avoid the question in my mind, do they get better? I know all raw data, like 70% cure rate for depression and all, but people rarely come to tell that they "got better". And one so deep and honest and warm post like yours trully made my day

You are really strong and great person, you have really motivated me today This piece of advice is golden, i should definitely try and find some non-technology related hobby :)

Thanks for sharing!
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You are a wise and inspiring person, lilly. Hopefully I can somehow make my life better too, but I will have to cut myself some slack.

Thank you for your candid posts.
Just a few more weary days and then,
I'll fly away,
to a land where joys will never end,
I'll fly away.
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