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This is a discussion on socially awkward within the Fun forums, part of the Inspiration category; There is an endangered species that does not feature on documentaries,will not get a charity night and has no angelic ...

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Default socially awkward

There is an endangered species that does not feature on documentaries,will not get a charity night and has no angelic celebs weeping at it's misfortune......I give for your consideration the socially awkward human. Socially awkward humans can suffer many fates when exploring the outside world.These can range from crumbling to dust after mistaking a strangers wave as intended for them, being talked to without any provocation which can induce stammers or flinching to slowly starving after holding a door open for one person but then feeling obliged to hold it open for all.Again I repeat there are no helplines for this rare creature and you can't set up a monthly direct debit to ensure that support workers can coax the socially awkward out of these situations before it's too late.
So my question to other SA's is have there been situations where you needed to channel the inner Rocky in order to extricate yourself before more than three people talk to you?
I will start with my own offering to kick things off-
During my first term at university I was extremely reluctant to integrate and had gone 2 months without technically speaking but my first vocalization was probably the worst. I had a politics exam that meant I would have to sit amongst more than a hundred strange creatures we will refer to as "students". Having entered the hall and sat at my desk,having avoided conversation or hissing like a cat if anyone breached my comfort zone, it soon became apparent that I had attended the wrong exam and was now facing three hours of chemical engineering which I'm guessing involves both chemicals and engineering. To any other SA's out there you would recognise my quandary, in order to escape the situation I would have to approach somebody and talk (pause for involuntary shudder). If I summoned the courage to speak up I could leave with my head held high (SA high which is just above shoe level). What actually happened was two hours of trying to answer questions on a subject I knew nothing about before standing up and shouting "i'm in the wrong room!" and scuttling out the door.
Top that
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I can't really top it, but I can share some of my stories.

1. I was going to the movies, by myself. I get to an empty seat in the middle of the theatre and wait for the commercials to end. After a while this really long commercial starts, with a guy on a motorcycle in a dessert who then meets this guy and has a dialogue with him and.... I realize I am at the wrong movie. I had no intention of watching the movie, I came to see another one that was way more interesting to me. But, being awkward as I am, I remained.... for 2.5 hours.

2. I was taking a test at university and it was beind held in this theatre-like room where you have to force people to flip their tables up and stand up so you can pass them by in the rows. Half-way through the test I have a raging urge to use the restroom. We were allowed to use the restroom during the test, but it would mean I would have to ask three other students to get up from their seats, go to the restroom and then have them stand up again when I come back. AND it seemed as if I were going to finish the test earlier than them, meaning that I would have to ask them to get up a third time if I were to hand in the test.
Finishing the test and then going to the toilet was not an option - so I did half the test (despite being able to answer everything!) handed it in and went to the restroom. I still got a passing grade, but I could easily have gotten a higher grade.

3. Again, at the movies. I have a ticket, on it is a seat-number that I am assigned. However, some guys have planted themselves ON MY SEAT (and the ones next to it). I can't really ask them to get up and take their own seats, that would mean talking to them, so I find another empty seat (they must've left one vacant since they were assigned seats too, right?).
One minut passes and a couple confronts me. "You are in our seat". So I get up, get another seat, same thing happends there. "I think you are in my seat". So I get a third seat! I get to sit there for another minute, the movie is about to start, and this other couple comes in. I see them looking at me, looking at the numbering on the rows and on their tickets and counting the seats. They look to each other and the girlfriend points to a vacant group of seats someplace else. I thank them for it, but I still felt like an a-hole for taking their seat.

I now own a projector and a surround sound system. If anxiety can be measured in money, this is way cheaper.
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