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Adorable supervillains

This is a discussion on Adorable supervillains within the Fun forums, part of the Inspiration category; I saw this on an old forum I went to. Basically, the whole thing are an adorable supervillain who ...

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Default Adorable supervillains

I saw this on an old forum I went to. Basically, the whole thing are an adorable supervillain who has taken the world hostage. Now you have your demands. Make them to the world! Just, uh, keep the rules here in mind since there were some highly inappropriate (but highly hilarious) things brought up in the old forum. Also, be adorable, not serious!

The GravityBomber has his demands for the world. And here we go!

1) Liberate Tetris! Seriously, the Tetris Holding Company or whatever they are dropped the ball when they added infinite rotation to the game. We will bring Tetris back to its rightful GLORY!

2) Febreze Times Square! If you've been there you'll know why, unless it has changed in the last ten years.

3) Ban checkers from being played by anyone over the age of twelve! International draughts is far more deep a game and just needs a slightly bigger board.

4) Bring back the elephant bird! The scientists must assemble any remaining elephant bird DNA and bring them back in the name of AWESOME.

5) Build a space hotel and casino! Cowboy Bebop couldn't possibly be as interesting as the real thing.

6) Liberate the green tea ice cream! Haagen-Dazs, I'm looking at you. You have the tiny cups with all these flavors of ice cream but no green tea? FIX THAT. Oh, and dark chocolate would be good too.

7) Liberate Om Nom! Gimme a 30-inch "hungry" Om Nom plushie. No, that's it. Just gimme a big Om Nom plushie (with the mouth open like the 8-inch one I have sitting on my computer) since he's like the cutest character from the past quarter-century.

Make your demands to the world as an adorable supervillain!
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