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Alone Again

This is a discussion on Alone Again within the Friendships forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; Yesterday my best friend of 8+ years decided she no longer wants to be my friend. She says I know ...

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Default Alone Again

Yesterday my best friend of 8+ years decided she no longer wants to be my friend. She says I know where she lives yet I never come over. What she seems to forget is, I知 the one that has always been there for her, I知 the one who sent her good morning text when she was suffering from depression, I知 the one that tried to keep in touch and I知 the one that genuinely gives a shit about her. 3 times in the past year she has asked me to come over and it wasn稚 to visit, it was to help her with her fish tanks.
Yet once again, I知 the asshole, I知 the bad friend and I知 the one alone again. Today the depression has taken a hold of me, I can稚 focus. Part of me just wants to eat my feeling away and the other part wants to break down. The longest relationship I had is over just like that. My 澱est friend threw me away like a piece of garbage. She blocked my texts and removed me from all social media without even trying to hear me out.
I guess I shouldn稚 be too upset about the whole thing, I guess she痴 shown me her 鍍rue colors. I guess she never really was a 吐riend if she made zero effort to talk to me the past year. This is what people tell me yet my heart breaks and I just want to sit in the corner and cry.
I guess I was never meant to have any close friends after all.
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Hi Zoey, welcome.

Was there a particular thing that happened recently that might have caused this? Something said between yourselves or by others, that she might have reacted badly to?

To be honest three times in a year in person is not a lot, unless you live far away. You are certainly not an asshole or bad friend for being there for her, but something has caused this sudden change.

If she was making zero effort to talk to you and treat you like a friend in this time do you truly consider her your friend. I don't mean to be hurtful in saying this, but friends are there for each other, talk, do things together etc, and this simply doesn't appear to have happened.

Depression can cause a lot of changes in the mind, of what is required daily, what is desired; your friend's actions to not sound to me like a usual episode. You are worthy to be a close friend to people, but it doesn't feel like it should be her if things are not reciprocated (equal) between you.

Be upset, let it out of your system. Then work on making more friends through your interests and whatever you enjoy. You'll soon be back on track with a much better social life.

Take care
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