Not ready to go off the pill
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Not ready to go off the pill

This is a discussion on Not ready to go off the pill within the Female Issues forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; I've been on Junel Fe for 6 months. My husband recently noticed that my recent behavioral problems are caused by ...

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Default Not ready to go off the pill

I've been on Junel Fe for 6 months. My husband recently noticed that my recent behavioral problems are caused by said pill. He also claims it's ruining our sex life. I don't want to go off it because it's my saving grace from becoming pregnant. My husband offered to get a vasectomy, but I don't want him to because it's surgery and I'm scared it could be botched. I don't know what else to do. I hate making sacrifices like this, and I am certainly not ready to be pregnant yet. Why does being a woman suck?
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Being a woman does suck. People always tell me I'm too young to say this, but I don't want kids and never will.

I am on a generic of Ortho Tri Cyclen, and it has done nothing but exacerbate my anxiety and depression! I went on it mostly for my boyfriend, whom I see maybe every 8 weeks. It's starting to feel pointless. I'm considering going off of it because it makes me feel like a nutcase. I have trouble remembering things since starting it and have an awfully hard time focusing on my school work.

There are other forms of contraceptives (I don't blame you if you're not willing to try them, I'm not either). But there are also other pills. I'm afraid of the risks and side effects associated with switching pills. But, everyone's body works differently so you never know what you're going to get! Which is why it's all so frustrating. Switching pills is not nearly as bad as getting pregnant, though!
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Hi . Have you talked to your doctor about the side effects? Maybe he or she can switch you to a different pill?
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Having had a vasectomy I can assure you that it is an extremely minor piece of surgery. It is one of the most trivial pieces of surgery it is possible to have so if your husband offers to have it you should say yes
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Birth control is a strange monster...

Have you looked into an IUD?

After my girlfriend expelled her third IUD we started looking into alternative brands... There's been a few hormone-free brands entering the market in the last year or two which are still fairly unknown... None of them worked for her, but we found that there's a lot more options available than we were initially informed about (some of them are very cheap, too!).

Part of the problem from a public-health perspective is that reported contraceptive statistics are so unreliable... Most of the data is self-reported, and it's well-known that women who don't use contraception will lie if they get pregnant and say they used something they weren't actually using... At the same time, there's often a large margin of error if the contraceptive is used incorrectly...

Some women have life-long child-less sex lives using nothing but fertility awareness, other women get pregnant at the slightest thought of kids...

However, vasectomy is a routine procedure... Yes, any procedure carries risks, but so does swallowing food... You're taking approximately the same risk either way...

Of course, nothing you ever do (short of removing your uterus) will ever guarantee you a pregnancy-free sex life... So I dunno, it's your call, but personally that's where me and my partner discussed the "what-ifs" and we have a plan we're both comfortable following.
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