A mother with OCD and mind disorder due stroke´s aftermath
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A mother with OCD and mind disorder due stroke´s aftermath

This is a discussion on A mother with OCD and mind disorder due stroke´s aftermath within the Family Issues forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; My other had a stroke time ago, she developed big OCD disorder, like accumulative disorder. Her house its always a ...

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Default A mother with OCD and mind disorder due stroke´s aftermath

My other had a stroke time ago, she developed big OCD disorder, like accumulative disorder. Her house its always a mess, and uncleaned.

Time ago she used to dont agree about throw up things like plastic bags, even if she had a lot of them, or things that doesnt work like a dry pen, a broken or used pencil, broken car pieces, and so on.

She have a problem with memory, and with mental space, this is cognitive, work on this with her time ago. This affects her way to speak, sometimes she say “give me that”, so you ask her “what that” and she “the thing that i son the thing”, and you just cannot understand about what “thing” she is talking, and she can get mad about this, luckily I can understand her about what she talks cause, sometimes not. She also can change of topic in a second, and if you make a mistake mixig the 2 stories she was telling you, she would get mad. She have things like this.

She is nerveous all the time thinking someone (me) can change her things of place, so when im doing something she tells me, with anger, to dont do it. This is cause my sister used to live with her (years and years ago), and she –my sister- doesnt have any consideration with my mother, so she change her things of place all the time, and my mother freaked out.

She have lot of anger, but she cry too. In short words: a big mood imbalance.
Ive been with her with ups and downs, used to be very good with her, then things turned very bad, then really bad, and the

At small things, like… cooking, she is very neurotic, and with all things I do, like “no like that, not with that, why dont use that? Why are you using that? Thats going to fall ˇ that is going to break!”.

Things are ok about all this, Im older, so its different now, but still i go to her house to visit her, like this days and now, its really bad to stay even on visit here, cause the house its so dirty, and if i clean it up (like yesterday) the next day is going to appear dirty again. She have a dog that occupies the backyard (small backyard) and a room that is before go out to the backyard, and its just disgusting, the room smells really bad, the dog pees on the walls, the backyard is all dirty, flies are flying all over, etc.

She also smokes and cannot quit it, and she have no consideration to me about dont smoke next to me, she gets angry if i tell her to dont smoke when im visiting her, more than one time ive have to tell her that i have to go due the smoke, and she is in front of the computer like a zombie with faacebook and says “ok, do what ever do you want, i dont want anything, i dont need to anyone”.

She used to tak a lot about death, i even dont like write or think on that Word, why someone would like? She somtimes say like “im going to die, im going to die” and then “i just want to die”, and its like “hey, laid down, you have money, a big house, and no problems to solve, whats the big deal?” its just annoying have something crying having such a good life saying like her life have issues.

She say very morbid things, sometimes is just disgustin and unpleasable to listen to her.
She fights with neighbourds, and she tell me about it. She has been better last time, but she came back with some things, due my sister visit, and dont know, things…
All this things are part of his personality, its just strange dont think on this things thinking in her personality. Sometimes ive think like “if I could dessapear all this symptoms she have, she would be a nice person, but, that would be good? At some point her anger, her acid humor, its nice, and its very interesting, i dont like smily persons, i dont like shallow persons”.

Ive been with my problems too, and sometimes ive been feeling very desconect of my mother. She have been upset at me, so its not nice go to visit her, and the house is just a mess, and its impossible be in any room, all rooms are a mess, and as I said go to the backyard is just disgusting.

Sometimes she talk to me in such a bad way that i finish thinking “why i have to come here where i just recieve no respect from this person? She doesnt respect that i cant take cigarrete smoke, the house is dirty, its impossible go to the backyard, she talks me like im shit, she tells me to do things like saying “ok, clean it, come one, quickly, what are you expecting”, i have no problema with do her some favours, but she talks like I have to do those things like im owing her something.

Then, she have things like, still with her anger issue, she said me the other day “hey look that thing that is there that dont know what the hell is your sister brought here, dont know what is, dont know if its peanut and or what the hell is”, i went to check it, was salted peanut, and she making a big mess about what that can be, this is a very little thing took it out of context, but imagine things like this on bigger issues.

I can really write a book about my mother, i studied psychology (didnt finish university, but i used to be very involved) and the psyche of my mother show pretty well what a neurologic disorder make.

She is a good person, with lot of emotional problems that make the result of the anger.
At this days i dont know how to take my time with her. She sometimes is good, she sometimes is bad, she sometimes is aboserved in her own world and you feel like if you are talking with someone who cant understand reallity. Its hard to manage, right now things are well sometimes even having a good time with her i dont know whats happening, but its due my own problems that make me have high stress, so, its all a mess.

My life situation have change so dramitically that sometimes i feel like im living in a parallel reallity, like all this is just a dream, I dont feel conected to life, i feel all this is fake, and if something good or bad happens its like “whatever”, cause nothing its real, and whatever can happens, so, whats the matter.

The other day – and now its more about me- i was thinking like “i can rent a room, and just eat and watch tv and stay with the computer dont going outside.

I mean, at some point, time ago, i felt like “ok, i lost my mother, even she being alive”, that its a big shot, feel your mother even being alive is not going to be able to conect with you, that you are not going to be able to visit her, that the where you grew up now feels like a jail, and its just an unavailable place even to stay 15 minutes. Its a big change.

She likes to tell the other people´s mistakes, like "i went to the supermarket and someone said... how stoopid someone have to be to say that", and things like that, and ts like hear "the other day someone said 2+2 its 5, imagine that, then other said its 3, and you know, its 4", and the explain you why 2+2 its 4, and the big mistake the other saying wrong answers, she takes too much attention to what people says, and people here are very... not well informed, so, people here just talk b-sh*t, but its pointles talk about the mistakes of other people, and she talks and talks about that, and she feel intelligetn and smart and better and bigger of the other persons cause she is smarter, and you just dont want ot hear those things, its just a waiste of time, know the other people wrong answers, i should have to explain this more, but its too long.

She talks like she wouldnt have money, and she have money to spend, she talks like she is a poor person, and she is very lucky to have the things she have, but she likes to be a victim, and cry, is not working now, so she could just sleep and see tv and enjoy the day, but no, she likes to fight, its not her, its her mind.
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Sorry to hear that...
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