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the bi logcoil dad

This is a discussion on the bi logcoil dad within the Family Issues forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; Still, Mousey, you can't be too safe. Remember what I told you. They did it once. And, He was abusive ...

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Still, Mousey, you can't be too safe. Remember what I told you.
They did it once.
And, He was abusive once, that doesn't change. It just doesn't.
They aren't your friends, they are Brayden's family.
I advise you to listen to Blue Girl's advice and indeed do document events... photos of his living conditions, holidays, happy family, etc... AT your house.
Also... document what's going on w/ his father... and family.
I agree wholeheartedly.
Best not take any chances, even if you are nicey-nicey.
Sorry if I'm being cynical, I just know how some people are.
Better safe than sorry. Protect Brayden + your family first, then welcome the others in only to the extant that it is safe...
I wouldn't treat them as friends or confidants. You have family members of your own and friends for that.
Medical history is another story.
Best wishes.

And Crims, I stand by what I said as well... it's the man who's there, day in and day out, giving hugs and band-aids, reading books, and teaching... that's the important man in a child's life... It takes a real man to be a good dad... It has nothing to do with biology. It takes someone who really cares. You have that, and Brayden will be able to tell that you love him.
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Default Re: the bi logcoil dad

i have same situation only bio dad sperm doner got scared and i was dating a man at 5 months pregnant. i got engaged to him and lived for 1 1/2 years together with my other son. i moved out, and now ex fiancee is trying to take my baby from me 100% custody. bio dad at least signed declaration of paternity, did DNA test while i was still preggers, and is on th birth certificate as legal father. he has 2 other kids, so he gave custody to me. my jilted ex fiancee was going to be a step-father, but now he wants legel rights...oh_did i mention hes 20 years older and sterile and failed a drug test> he works for oc courts as a lawyer and a child advocate so they gave him visits against bio dads and my wishes. Child comes back sad and bad diaper rash. This is why im depressed and hopeless. I had to file a n appeal to a higher court where he doesn't know anyone. they try to give me PTSD by following me, going through trash, breaking into my house to take documents-i have to take klonopin and ambien and cymbalta. anyone know other ways to cope??? :( :( :BIGweepy:
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Default Re: the bi logcoil dad

sorry, mommy2, that sounds awful. ..
are you going for therapy, too, or just the meds?
don't know if it will help, but we're around to talk. ..

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Default Re: the bi logcoil dad

Hi mommy2. I'm sorry this is happening to you. I can imagine how much it hurts each time the baby goes over there. I honestly don't understand how this man can get any rights with the baby. Legally I mean. He's not the father, he's not adopted the baby either. It just doesn't make sense to me.

To help prove how the situation isn't good for the baby, definitely take some pictures when the baby comes back with the diaper rash. If the baby doesn't normally develop the rash with you, then something's wrong. Document everything, the date, the time etc.

Stay strong & keep fighting, this is YOUR baby. And only yours.
"Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about."
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Default Re: the bi logcoil dad

thank youmousey,
it is painful. this forum helps and i appreciate your response. i am documenting and taking pics, hopefully the appeal will go through.
love, mommy2
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Default Re: the bi logcoil dad

i am going to therapy evry 3 weeks, the therapist is a father of 3 but is more into just meds, hes not very understanding. i get tired from the meds but they help numb me so im not hysterical. last night i woke up at 3 am even with klonopin and ambien cr. i also take 120 mg of cymbalta which tires a little but keeps me from crying all day. noone should hurt a baby. they tell me if i deny the non bio dad i will go to jail and they will give him 100% of our baby(really mine since bio dad gave me full custody) the courts in Orange County are very corrupt)
take care, thanks for listening.
love mommy2
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Default Re: the bi logcoil dad

hi mommy2, i'm sorry your going threw this, mousey is my finance, and i don't see how he would have any legal right either

you got to understand me though, i am different, i was with mousey from the beging when she got pregant she didn't cheat on me but we started dating like a week after, i was the only dad in braydens life until we filed for child support, i love brayden and i stay home with him all day to take care of him i am a good dad, it scares me that if something happen between me and mousey i would never see him again i am his dad, i can't put into words how much i love brayden, i don't use drugs and i never drink, in fact i am a better dad than his bilogical dad ever could be, in fact i'm better to him than his whole family ever could be, i'm sorry for what you are going threw but the differents is i'm a good man, and a good dad,

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