Unusual weight gain
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Unusual weight gain

This is a discussion on Unusual weight gain within the Exercising forums, part of the Treatment category; I'm new to this forum, so I'm sorry if my first post is really negative. For the past year and ...

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Default Unusual weight gain

I'm new to this forum, so I'm sorry if my first post is really negative.

For the past year and a half or more, I have been slowly declining deeper and deeper into depression. This week I had a nervous breakdown, and now I am seeking medical attention (Monday is my first appointment with a psychiatrist).

I'm only seventeen, female.

I'm not fat right now by any means. But I am different than I used to be. For my entire life I was tiny. I ate well but remained small. I think part of the problem is that this year I have oddly started CRAVING sugar (I used to not really like sugary foods). I binge on cookies, ice cream, cakes, etc. My entire body is pretty thin but...this is embarrassing...my ass has grown a lot.

My mom pointed it out and I was mortified. That was always one thing I never had to worry about.

This is my question - I obviously can't try to really lose weight until my depression clears with medication, because when I do try I just go through binge/starve cycles. but I need a little reassurance. do you think that this weight gain can be fixed?

Do you think it won't be a big problem once I am not rock-bottom depressed? Any advice?
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Here's what I think.
I don't think you've been on a regular exercise program. The first few days, or weeks, might change your eating habits around a bit, but exercise helps regulate your hunger and increases your metabolism so you can lose weight all day and night, even when you sleep.
I know you can lose this weight, but you have to make a committment to do it. It's tough to keep it up. But once you get past your first hump, you'll keep wanting to do it. You'll really enjoy doing it.
Organized activities might help. If you have a dog, walk it every day, both you and it will benefit, and your dog will help encourage you! (try skipping a day, and your dog won't let you forget it!)
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Well, lets see... I'm a 26 year old male, but I can relate. =P

I started going to the gym around early December. I weighed about 210 lbs. Heavily depressed at that time. Eating a lot of sugar, as well. It makes you feel better for some reason, especially chocolate. I also joined these forums about that time, too. Dec 24th, to be exact. Anyway, I have fat everywhere. Its pretty evenly distributed, but my butt, stomach and thighs seem to have the most of the weight.

Anyway, I currently weigh about 182lb. I plan to have a flat stomach and nice butt by June.

So, yes. You can definately take that weight off. Its just like the previous poster said. Once you get on a regular excercise routine, you will lose weight day and night as long as you keep a somewhat healthy diet and don't eat too many calories.

The key to losing the weight is 20mins of intense cardio practically EVERY day. Intense meaning you keep your heart rate between 140-155 beats per minute. You should break and sweat and maintain the sweat through your whole 20 mins, no matter what you're doing.

You will see results after the first week if you do it everyday. It's looking like I'm down about an average of 7lbs a month. If I keep this up I will be about 160lbs by June, give or take. However, I'm also doing lifting and taking protein and putting on muscle mass. So if I make it to 160 by June that will be surprising. I'm thinking more like 170 with a lot of extra muscle.


I would suggest switching to sugar-free candy and gums. When I first started my weight-loss goal, I cut sugar out of my diet COMPLETELY for like... 3 weeks. I used Splenda-sweetened stuff, because spenda tastes the best in my mind. You can buy sugar-free ice cream at the grocery store to get you by if you really need to eat something sweet.

The older you get the harder it is to lose weight. At your age of 17 you should be able to make your butt smaller in a month, I'd wager.
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Oh ya I wanna add one other thing to this post, but its too late to edit.


Seriously if you love soda, coke zero will save your life. Zero calories, zero sugar.... it has nothing in it except 40mg of sodium, which is like 2% of your total dietary need of sodium lol so next to nothing. That's in a 12oz can of coke zero cherry, which is my favorite. It tastes just like the regular thing, too, but it goes flat a little bit faster. In any event, buy a 6 or 12-pack of that stuff and drink it when ever you want something sweet. As long as you don't have that rare allergy to phenylalanine (artificial sweetener), you'll be just fine. =D
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Of course the weight gain can be fixed, you seem to have the motivation to do it and when you are motivated you can do anything. Just remember it takes time to lose weight right and starving yourself etc is not the answer, burn more calories off than you consume and you will lose weight, it would be impossible not to
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