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Thyroid Issues?

This is a discussion on Thyroid Issues? within the Exercising forums, part of the Treatment category; Hey guys, new member here. Hoping you have some avenues that I can research. I noticed that a lot of ...

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Default Thyroid Issues?

Hey guys, new member here. Hoping you have some avenues that I can research. I noticed that a lot of you are pretty well experienced in weight loss, better eating, etc, so I'm hoping that you might have some valid opinions.

I've been trying to lose about 50 pounds for a few years now. When I got my first desk job, I sky rocketed up to 225 lbs. For a 5'9" guy, that's no good. This was when I was about 21, so being young, I just cut my portions in half, went jogging, kept up my weights, and knocked it down to my svelt 175 with no problem. Then I got married, started cooking for two, and gained it all back.

Now I'm 30 and I can't seem to shed it. The strength and endurance are definitely there, and I feel healthy. I bike, lift weights, eat mostly right, etc. I can drop a few pounds here or there, but overall I'm just maintaining a solid 225. I've been doing a lot of reading, and this thyroid specialist is saying that a lot of people are unable to lose weight because as their diet worsens and they get older, it adversely affects their thyroid and that bad thyroid function can make it hard to lose weight, even if they don't have any other real symptoms. Now I'm kind of worried that the diets that I did back in the day when I was heavy into lifting are causing me problems now.

Has anybody else heard this? I've got no other symptoms. I'm not fatigued, achy, sick, etc, I just can't lose the padding. Do you think it's a valid thing that I should have checked out? I mean, I always thought that a little diet and exercise would fix almost anything, but I cannot seem to shed this weight.

Any advice or other avenues of research would be awesome.

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Hi and welcome to the forum. I am in a similar situation and finding it hard to shift weight. I want to lose about 20 pounds but finding it difficult. If you are training now you might just be gaining muscle which is heavier and not noticing the fat going.
It might be worth really looking into your diet as well. Try eating a big breakfast medium sized lunch and small dinner. Also never eat after 6.00p.m. it isn't always that you are eating the wrong things just that you eat them at the wrong times. Also when you do exercise try not to go too hard at it at your age you should be looking at getting your heart rate at about 110 and keep it there.
Also a lot of the weight lifting supplements are full of sugar so best to avoid them. The sports drinks are useless as well try a pint of milk after training it aids recovery faster and is healthier.
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Thyroid issues are prominent as a fairly common problem among a large majority of the population; especially in the U.S, with the weight epidemic and what-have-you. If you feel like you need to address any thyroid complications that you may have, get blood work done by your doctor. This is really the only effective way to tell if your thyroid gland is functioning appropriately. Never take thyroid hormones that were not prescribed by your doctor. Also discuss all of your diet plans with your doctor as well as for sound medical advice. Don't take suggestions from other people (including me) unless you run them by your doctor first!

I've looked up your height and weight ratio, and 175 pounds is a perfect goal to reach for. It is precisely where you need to be as a healthy male individual. A top hint is to avoid Yo-yo dieting; if this diet is something you desire, commit to it or you will invariably kill your progress. This means not entirely cutting sweets out of your diet if you currently have an addiction to them. But if it is a part of your diet that you cut sweets, then good, that is far more preferable. If you absolutely can't, however, make your snacking an isolated incident. Once or twice a week, and it being something that you don't have to store in your house like a bucket of ice cream. Make it a candy bar, or something fleeting as such.

Losing weight isn't all about exercise, either. Eliminate all red meats and most poultry. If you take protein supplements (which I assume you do) you need to consult your doctor about exercising on a diet without red meat, and therefore, less protein which helps build muscle. Your main sources of protein should be from egg whites and fish. I would recommend salmon on account of its low mercury and mild fat content. Fish and egg whites (no yolks at all), but no red meat. If you drink soda and coffee, stop now. Insisting on drinking sodas is one of the largest reasons diets probably yield little results. Drink something like coke zero if you can't kick the habit. And refrain from using anything other than maybe two or three packets of sweetener in your coffee and nothing else for flavor. Don't deep fry, and restrict your general use of cooking oil to a minimum. You shouldn't eat white bread or bagels, so supplement with whole bread. The key is gross fat, and carbohydrate restriction. Take multi-Mineral and multi-vitamin supplements to increase your overall well being.

Carbohydrate restriction is key here. Limit your general carbohydrate consumption to meals and drink more water or watery drinks like tea or no-calorie drink mixes. Eat more fruit and vegetables. Incorporate vegetables into almost every one of your meals if not all of them.

So your meals overall should be abundant in fish or egg whites, contain no meat and a have good degree of vegetables. Meals should contain little butter or oils, with water or something akin as a drink.

If you are a prodigious snacker, you can alleviate want to rummage in your pantry by reading in between meals or doing something else productive.

Oh yeah, and make sure your fibre is in good order. It's important to poop properly.

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Hypothyrodism, runs in my family both my mom and sister have it and I've been checked for it, this is a huge concern for me. I was also on a low dose of thyroid medication but went off because I was hoping it would help me lose weight, it was to control a goiter I have. I should get back on it.

What's unusual to me is you feel energetic no fatigue. My impression of thyroid problems is cold and fatigue. I remember my mom was always cold and would even have the heat turned on even in the summer. I've also heard that thyroid problems can start after a great period of stress too. My mom was tired too, there was alot of exhaustion. The fact that you feel so healthy makes me question a thyroid problem. But why not ask and get tested??? Why not? Do you have a family history of thyroid? Just wondering.

So, I do get my thyroid and goiter looked at from time to time. Also, I had another problem. Fatty Liver and I think this caused me to gain weight also. It's called Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver and I gained a tonne of weight.
I think I have a predisposition to it because I have polycystic ovaries.

Anyway, my liver is flaring up again and I seem to be gaining weight at the same time. But also, when I was at my worse I was also very fatigued. I know something is wrong with my liver again because I'm getting rashes and hives and I'm also doing some biofeedback therapy right now and it showing up there and I'm also doing reflexolgoy (foot massage) and it's showing up there too. Infact it was a chinese massage lady that was the first person to tell me that I was having problems with my liver. Then the diet center told me.

My weight at the time was 200 pounds and I'm a 5'2 woman. Since my doctor was uselss and basically told me eat less and exercise more. That was her advice to me. I was going to the gym for 5 hours and not losing a pound for pete sakes. I got fed up and for the first time in my life joined a diet center DR. Bernstein, I couldn't believe that I needed to ask for help.
They did some tests and noticed I had Fatty Liver. Again, I was very, very fatigued though.

You just don't have the classic symptoms for me to think that you have either of these but check into it. I haven't read your article yet by the doctor, I want to see what he says. But go to your doctor and see what they say.

At this point you may want to try a diet center also. I couldn't believe I had to ask for help and it was costly for me but it worked.
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