Swine flu talk frightening me
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Swine flu talk frightening me

This is a discussion on Swine flu talk frightening me within the Exercising forums, part of the Treatment category; I started my first day at this new community college. It's really different from my university, but I had a ...

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Default Swine flu talk frightening me

I started my first day at this new community college. It's really different from my university, but I had a good day and met alot of people talked ot alot and got alot of nubmers-which is pretty norm for me I dispite hating people in general will talk to almost anyone(there are certain people i dont but i wont get into that lol) I even got a ride home and told them about my dad! All in one day dang! I'm not so secretive am i lol.
Anyways at the classes all the teachers mentioned swine flu ect..
This is freakin me out not only do these constant flu commercials get to me but I've always had a fear of flu season-and now a potential pandemic o.o
At my old university there were over 2000 students sick with H1N1.(yes..I went to that school alst year) However apparently it's no worse than a normal flu.. but still freaking me out. I want ot get that damn vaccine! And my mom is diabetic and she wont get the vaccine! She enver gets it ticks me off she NEEDs to.
I should mention i strugle with a germphobia cause by what i believe to be my friend almost dying of mentingitis. If I am correct she got a stomach virus and it went to her brain-now she has lupus from that.
I have always feared gastroenteritis-I used ot get panic attacks-now it's coming together I've linked sickness to an extreme fear of suffering and maybe death? Strangely I don't remember her being in the hospital ect.. Though i was told i saw her.
I'm an adult now and I have to comfort myself-take care of myself-that is something I guess I'm not too comfortable with. Having to soothe my own anxieties-yet.. sigh I need to grow up it's time. I can do this.
Just hope my panic attacks dont come back I almost cried and freaked after constantly hearing about h1n1 today-i dont want a repeat of 1918. however this one apparently is not as virulent at all. so trying to chill myself out..
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I wouldn't worry too much, swine flu is just hyped by the media. And anyway, we're most certainly better equipt to deal with something like this than we were in 1918. Here in Britain i rarely hear about swine flu anymore, and when we do it's about the number of cases dropping.
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