How should I start?
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How should I start?

This is a discussion on How should I start? within the Exercising forums, part of the Treatment category; So, the fog is lifted, I am planning to go back to school and finally have a life. I tried ...

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Default How should I start?

So, the fog is lifted, I am planning to go back to school and finally have a life. I tried to clean the house yesterday and I have literally spent too much time in bed. I feel like I have no strength and had to lay back down after barely starting folding laundry. I used to be almost an Olympic lvl swimmer. But I have spent so long depressed and barely getting out of bed that I have no core strength. I do have access to a pool and I love swimming pretty much hate gyms. And I am overweight. I don't really want to lose weight but I would like to be able to walk around campus without needing to lay down. So, anyone know of any good workout ideas for someone like me? Maybe I will start with house work lol. Lifting shirts. I just want something I can measure improvement on. Maybe I could decrease my time allowed to lay here and read every day, till I feel mostly normal then start a swimming plan.
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hiya i am disabled and im abit overweight but i get up and swim in the week but also when i cant be botherd i do stairs work as in walking up and down one stair though becuase i can walk all the stairs so i got a stair lift but try that when you cant be botherd swimming hope that helps you

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Set short-term, realistic and attainable goals for yourself that you will be able to measure and recognize progress with week to week. :) Household chores, a 15 minute nature walk, turn on some of your favorite music and just start dancing!
Remember to keep an awareness to the foods you are eating as well, since that can influence how much energy we have too!
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Trust me, it is most difficult part to convince yourself to start. And if I understood well, you‘ve already done that. Like others said, make attainable short-term goals. I personaly started with walking. Find a route that you like, find a music that you like, buy earphones (if you don‘t have them yet) and you‘ll be walking miles before you realize it. Take note that there are much faster ways to lose weight, like running, but I find this one especialy good because it takes little effort. It worked for me :)
But key point is to push your limits constantly. Like, this week I‘ll walk 30 minutes every day, next one 35, then 40 etc. If it seems too easy, make it harder. Add extra conditions. That‘s how I did it. Somewhere along the road I found plesure in exercising. Now I do it more to kill boredom.

Good luck. And don‘t give up
Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit.
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