Chi gong, ti chi, yoga
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Chi gong, ti chi, yoga

This is a discussion on Chi gong, ti chi, yoga within the Exercising forums, part of the Treatment category; Does anyone else do any of these?. I do some adapted version of all three. I have come up with ...

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Default Chi gong, ti chi, yoga

Does anyone else do any of these?. I do some adapted version of all three. I have come up with my own moves using the priciples. I also do just basic stretches and static exersies.
Ive had good results physicaly and mentaly . It makes me feel good to use my body. I hope to get totaly in touch with my body through breathing and energy work of these methods.
I cant stand up to do them i either do them sitting on my bed or on my sofa.
I am disabled with a health condition so thats why ive had to adapt them and im also have to spend alot of my life in bed i have very little energy and have to be so careful with movement or i can worsen my condition.
Thats why these are so good for me. They are gentle but effective and its all about feeling your own body and body awarness.
Its nothing to do with pushing yourself.
There is actualy no need to ' feel the burn' unless you want to bulk up your muscles. Which you would have to do some sort of resisstance training to do that.
But these forms are all about getting in touch with yourself and gentle extending your boundaries of what you can do. Some yoga like power yoga isnt really built on these principles. Its not true yoga i dont belive. But a westernised form.
The eastern traditions have at their core spirituality. Thought tia chi is a form of martial arts actualy. But has been used and adapted for building peace in the body/mind. Alot of people who practice these live to be very old and are still practicing until they die so into their 90s and sometimes over 100 But my dads friends mum still teaches yoga in her 90s and shes more supple and walks faster than her son!
I find they suit me so well and i would love to get really good at them and really know my body. It ties in with other enegy work im doing on myself. Gentley i am becoming fitter and more flexable and losing weight too ! I would highly recommend any of the three. There are often classes being run in most cities i would say. But you can learn from the internet. I have a yoga teacher and chi gong teacher that i have one to one leasons with. But Im also learning from online too and reading about it and the priciples behind them.
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I have been interested in learning more about ChiGong or if it is QiGong - influence of life's energy. Life Force.

Mainly because I have experience with energy blockages in my body through juice fasting. It is an amazing experience.

I would like to read about it first.

I also had a pretty amazing experience a number of years ago, through Yoga. I have books on it, & a place at home to practice, but never get myself to do so. I'd like to be guided in a ongoing class environment, but I cannot afford it. It's something like $250-$600/month where I live.

The power yoga classes, & the hot yoga, I also believe take away from the spiritual aspect & healing of true Yoga. As the breath, cannot always be practiced with the movements as they push the class through. & I've been to a few of these classes, they pile people in and they're usually at Gym's included with a membership (not as expensive) you get what you pay for I guess.

Also, I think Yoga has become elitist or a place where people with large Ego's tend to form, especially at the Gym practices.
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I think you are right you do get what you pay for but sometimes you can just get someone who is passionate about it and its not about the money for them. Its worth keeping looking around. Ive had one to one instruction on the breath and it wasnt too painful pricewise at all. Some are after the money it is often the case but not all. The ones who care the most are often the best instructors as well cos they are more willing to adapt things for you and go with your capabilities too. I hope you find affordable instruction.It can be hard to keep motivating yourself.
The spiritual aspect of yoga can be a very healing thing and if it gets lost then yes it can just become about who can get in the most awkward possition and hold it for longest. And for me then its just a form of excersise and not a mind,body,spirit practice as its supposed to be.
Dont be hard on yourself if you cant improve by yourself it can take years of intending to do something before you actualy feel in a place to be able to practice in the right way. But yes there is nothing like having an instructor guide you through and also getting support from other members of the class as well.
Good luck with it
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