The job from hell
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The job from hell

This is a discussion on The job from hell within the Employment and Finances forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; I took another day off work, probably not the best move since I have only been working there for 11 ...

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Default The job from hell

I took another day off work, probably not the best move since I have only been working there for 11 weeks now. It's my third day I've taken off in the short period that I've worked there. I'm working as a administration assistant in a law firm and it is an extremely hostile working environment. This of course doesn't not bring out the best in me and usually flares my general and social anxiety. Since I have worked there I have been told that I have been constantly making mistakes in filing (sounds like no big deal but the office manager assures me not having the legal document needed when going to conferences can cost the lawyer personally alot of money). At the start I was told of nearly 2 to 3 times a day, now it's probably once a day. Sometimes I get told of in emails from the administration leader.

Now at work I'm known as the "fuckup", the scapegoat that when something goes wrong they usually point the finger in my direction. I have never in my life and I'm 36 years old had anyone disappointed in my work performance. I know I'm doing my job right but every mistake is dilligently pointed out to me.

I'm also being bullied a new experience to me, I often get the cold shoulder and it countless numerous ways they have shown that my value is very little at this company. The rest of my work colleagues wont' talk to me, I don't get invited out to drinks, when someone of importance visits everyone gets introduced but me (even a lady that worked there for a day). Sometimes they won't reply to my greetings of hello or good morning, or if they bother to look up usually look at me like I'm shit on their shoe. In comparison the temp girl they love and the difference of how she is treated to how I am treated makes me want to cry. Of course I don't, I wouldn't give them the satisfaction. Sometimes they say loudly how great she is, how they never want her to go...then they'll look at me like crap then look away. It all seems so childish, so stupid and cruel. The animosity that some staff members have towards me leaves me scratching my head trying to think of what I could of possibly done to make them hate me so much.

Now I've taken another day off but I think at this point it doesn't matter. No one is happy with my work performance and I am barely tolerated. I've never been so miserable before, I wanted to keep working until I found another job but the environment is getting to me the people are getting to me. Plus every time another mistake if found the hatred builds. One of my work mates has already called me stupid, I felt so little when she said that. No one respects me there, I'm just a loser to be picked on.
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I know how you feel. My current job is so bad just thinking of going there makes me want to kill myself. I think you need to see if you can find a job that will appreciate your contributions. Life is to short to work for a people who treat you like crap.
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That sucks! You deserve to work elsewhere, some place where your contributions are appreciated. I'm sure from the way they are behaving they've done this to someone else before. I can't believe how people can be so cruel.
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Yeah they've done it to two other people I think...I only know about them because of the bitching they still do about how stupid they were, how weird or strange. If they got the same treatment as me I can see why they left. I've already been told I'm the new "stuff up" because I keep making filing errors. The lawyer/partner said she told him to give back the security keys and fuck off when they fired him....I don't know if that was true but since she constantly swears when she wants too....I wouldn't put it passed her.

They're making me believe I am a loser, I'm sick to death of getting treated like a simpleton or being looked at like shit. Yeah I understand too how you feel MrKC because I usually want to kill myself instead of going into work and on the tough mornings have alcohol to numb myself to their treatment....I know it's wrong but I'm dying.

Thanks for listening to me MrKC and dax
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You have my sympathies 3daystodecide

Like others I am going through something similar with my own job, I won’t derail this thread with the details (it would fill a book) but I can completely relate to all the awful treatment that you are receiving and being treated like shit in what is supposed to be a professional environment. It certainly takes a lot out of you, it smacks away all your confidence, your self-esteem takes a nosedive and you begin to question and doubt yourself which can be an absolute nightmare at our age. Behaviour like this belongs in a playground but receiving it in the working world can be a massive hit to our pride and extremely difficult to recover from.

My initial thoughts? It sounds like they’re setting you up to fail. Their constant spiteful behaviour and nitpicking puts you on edge, it makes you make mistakes which they then pounce on for more spiteful behaviour and nitpicking, it’s a vicious circle which is hard to escape from. I’m not going to assume why they’re treating you like this, it could be because they’re jealous of your skills, afraid that you will out-perform them or (in my case) simply dislike the colour of your shoes. Humans can be incredibly petty like that and cliques and bullies are the worst of them. The exclusion treatment is a nightmare, I know as I’m there myself, it makes me feel like an invisible ghost who only gets noticed when they want to someone to take the blame or dump all the bad work on. My instructions are written on my desk (to avoid them talking to me) and even the cleaner is involved in more team activities than I am, I’d complain to my manager (and his manager) but they’re the ones organising this rabble!

Anyway, I digress, is your manager involved in this? Is the workload too much to the point of being unable to cope? There is nothing wrong in admitting that, nothing at all since a lot of companies seem to dump a ton of tasks on their best workers while the others sit around doing nothing. Perhaps the workload is causing you to make some mistakes so I was just thinking if that was an option to explore.

As I also posted elsewhere in the employment forum, begin documenting what is going on. This will come in useful should you make a legal complaint (and I believe you have every right to do so) because you will have specific dates and events to support your claims as being facts which are hard to dispute. In the meantime get looking for a new job, I usually advise against this (never let the bullies win by you being out of work) but get the ball rolling in finding an escape route.

As it happens I am off work today for the very same reason, couldn’t bare to go in today so I’m now at home looking for another job, you’re not alone my friend.
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I think when it reaches the point you're feeling suicidal about the bullying then it's best to get out. It's not worth your sanity or your life.

the problem with workplace bullies is that trying to confront them rarely works, and the process of making official complaints is often as stressful, or more than the bullying.

This site has some good information on bullies in the workplace: Behaviour of the serial bully: attention seeker, wannabe, guru and sociopath including industrial psychopath, corporate psychopath and workplace psychopath

take care of yourself,
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Thanks for you support guys....

Hi The Lost, I'm so sorry to hear that you are also working in a hostile environment and have had personal experience with bullies. Yes it does take away your pride and self confidence and in the long run you seriously start to doubt yourself and your capabilities. I not only doubt myself now as a worker but also as a human being. I'm starting to think they I have no personality to generate enough interest in another human being to want to talk to me. I worry that there is something wrong with me and I am deserving or some how encouraging them to treat me so crappy. Because of my anxiety I don't trust myself and think it must some how be all my fault, my lack of attention and focus must be because of the anxiety and therefore maybe they are correct and it is me....or I think because of my anxiety I mustn't appear open and friendly so again it's my fault that I am picked on. In my heart I do not believe but when you have so many people against you and you have become the office pariah you start to believe the opinion of the masses. I always believed I was nothing since young so I would appear as such an easy target to the more confident people at work.

My manager is not involved but saying this he is only the temp manager and at this moment from what I gather in group meetings more concerned about his work performance and the health of his job at this company. The senior lawyers/partners are way more dominant and confident than he is even though he in his own right is fairly self assured. If he can't compete against them in a argument what chance do I have? He will not be impressed with me in the slightest if I turn up on Tuesday with my written resignation in hand (even if I had enough courage to go to work next week and hand the damn thing over). He will not want to take sides and I would highly guess if he did it sure wouldn't be mine. He's already told me if the next meeting we have and a HR personnel is there it's because I'm getting yeah nobody is overly impressed with me. It's more like I'm working with enemies than workmates.

I really do not see myself making a legal complaint against eight lawyers whose speciality is employment law, involving work harrassment etc. That would bring my stress level to the roof, I'm better off ending it all now. They are not stupid and all forms of harrassment has been subtle, in the end is my word against theirs. I like myself to much to put myself through that much duress and longer contact with them.

Yes we have both taken today off and funny enough I have also looked for work today myself. I hope you find something soon.

Hi fedup....don't worry I would never kill myself...much to chicken shit for that. Don't you know that I'm to scared too live and too scared to die, which leaves me conveniently trapped in my own personal hell. If I could kill myself I wouldn't even bother to write about it, I would of done it a long time ago. My life has been just basic survival with intervals of great pain and anguish, self loathing and disgust etc...yeah I would of left this earth long time ago. I have never had a boyfriend, am nearly forty and will probably never get married or have children. I could take pain if there was something worth living for, if I had kids or someone who loved me just for being me. Hell I would settle for a puppy at this moment, anything to give me some love and happiness...but my landlady who previously said yes to the idea has had a change of mind and now says no. I guess it does'nt matter couldn't afford a dog anyway not with the vet bills etc.

Anyway back to the main fucked is my workplace. yeah I do agree about the confrontation but maybe its my anxiety talking. I will have no impact on them by approaching them individually or as a group about the behaviour. I know which is why I'm scared out of my brain, that no matter what I do it's all going to get much worse for me. I am not liked barely tolerated and nothing, nothing I can do will change that. If I give my resignation I will not live the day...hence the reason why I have stayed so long. I meekly stay as their whipping girl instead of infuriating them further.

Thanks for the site, I will check it out. take care too
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