49, married, young kids, unemployed
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49, married, young kids, unemployed

This is a discussion on 49, married, young kids, unemployed within the Employment and Finances forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post. I currently don't have a job and need something to ...

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Default 49, married, young kids, unemployed

Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post. I currently don't have a job and need something to take care of my growing family -- two kids with another due in two weeks. (Yes, very late start in life on marriage and kids.) For whatever reason, throughout my career I never truly had to worry about having a job...until now. I have a master's degree from an Ivy League institution and, no, I'm not some elitist shmuck -- I worked hard to get that degree hoping to avoid the very predicament I'm in now. I have experienced some success in the marketplace but was asked to resign from a director role several months ago. It was a shock, but I had been miserable anyway, so we decided to take small severance. I did not look for work until after the holidays, since companies typically don't do much hiring around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now it's almost March, and I have nothing to show for it. I've been in management consulting for most of my career, which paid the bills but also made me miserable. I fell into consulting because I appeared to be intelligent, could do some analysis and research, and can create and give good presentations. Now, it feels as though time has caught up with me. I have applied for several positions and either don't hear back or get a rejection letter. My skills don't appear to be particularly marketable, and my age isn't helping me. I could try to get a more menial job making roughly half my old salary, but that would still require relying on savings. My wife is willing to go back to work, but that would mean allocating a pretty significant chunk of her income for daycare. I know it's a first-world problem to have, but I was hoping to be able to provide for my family and allow my wife to be home with the kids until they're well along in school -- a few years away. Short of someone offering me a high-paying job on this anonymous message board, I'm not sure what I'm hoping for by posting here. Just sharing my lament and predicament with the world. Thanks for reading.
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I had a similar problem after finishing my BS degree in IT. Over the years, I noticed that applying for jobs on the Internet is pretty fruitless most of the time. I spent hours filling out applications only to be ignored or rejected. I found that calling or visiting the manager of a company and introducing myself was what worked best. But even that strategy can disappoint me sometimes. Im also willing to relocate which opens up a lot more options.
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I have done temp jobs before. Some people like it and some of my friends hate doing temp jobs. Just an idea. Sounds like you want a career change though. Are there any job fairs you can go to? I think you could use a life coach or something along that lines. Or maybe you should try something completely different for awhile. Itís hard to say especially with a young family. Iím 49 years old too and itís a tough age to make a career change but I do think about it from time to Time. Iím not happy where Iím at in life. Think Iím having a little midlife crisis thing going on. I do production work and I donít think Iíll make it till 65. If I could afford too I would leave now.

U know what they say... if u had a million dollars and could do anything u wanted to do , what would you do?

Your answer to this question is what u should be really doing with your life. So they say. Let us know how things are going with your job search. If you decide to make a career change. Hopefully other TTL members might have some other ideas or experiences to add. Take care and hope this helps.
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You might want to find a headhunter company that can help. I remember meeting with a representative of one many years ago, but I didn't follow up with them.

It's actually a plus that you are not trying to stick with the exact same thing you did before. Consider everything -- including making considerably less than before. A happier sort of job will make up a lot of that to you, I figure.
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