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Why is there such shame in being big?

This is a discussion on Why is there such shame in being big? within the Eating Disorders forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; in general, not eating right and not exercising is a good way to knock a few years, a few decades, ...

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in general, not eating right and not exercising is a good way to knock a few years, a few decades, off your lifespan. shortness of breath from being overweight? that doesnt sound like fun or worth the bacon 2x cheese. humans evolved (yes they did) to be omnivorous. and a true omnivoire needs to hunt, gather and basically work friggen hard all day. modern human lifestyle no longer requires us to keep as fit as we once needed to be. modern medicine also is a huge boost to our longevity. but the basic stuff, wut you eat, and making muscles, constantly keeping your physical stamina at at least a moderate level throughout you life, thats such an inherent part of being an animal, that to forgo this practice is to, indeed, kill yourself. meat, fruits, vegetables, grain. the meat we eat is processed, treated with carbonmonoxide so that it remains red and looks good upon shipping (CO is a known, well documented carcinogen) and often ground up with all of the components we would normally leave behind. i dont eat "burger", i eat fresh lean beef (steak), poultry, lamb (watch the fat), goat, fish (watch the larger salmon for mercury), etc. i dont eat my veggies cooked, i eat them raw, in dishes, in salads. fruits too. 5 servings fruits and veggies PER DAY. grain, oh boy, grain! the single most destructive industrial corruption of human food is the bleaching of grain, and or the removal of its germ. soldiers in the roman army carried with them into combat, small sacks of plain grain, strung to their belts. what do americans eat? fucking wonder bread. all food value removed, so much so a cockroach wont touch it. thats why bleached flour is so popular. cuz it ships as it has no food value, bugs dont want to eat it, and neither do i. the food industry has pulled a fast one on the public, and its a huge fast one, regarding the destruction of healthy grain. wake up, ignorance about diet is nasty, theres no excuse for being fat or out of shape, its your life. im sorry to those of you who are "over weight", you may be in your 40s and never knew anything about diet, its not your fault. you have, for the most part, been duped by fast food and "wonder bread". but now that you know, you CAN do something about it. the quality of your life can always improve.

to answer the question posed, i dont think heavy is particularly unattractive, but what i see when i see an overweight person is that they are probably ignorant about their bodies and what they should be eating. i also see a heavy person as a person who possibly cares more about the instant gratification of that bacon 2x cheese than they care about the blood in their veins and heart. i dont take any chances, i dont care that much about the sensations of my tongue, well... there are some sensations of the tongue that i favor but ahh, i wont go into all that here. i used to love eating bacon and schrimp and all kinds of things like that, but i dropped them all, over night.
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I gotta say...I disagree. There are those out there who are truly addicted to food. Unlike alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and sex...one can not live without food. So, if one takes a sip of alcohol...he is considered to have fallen off the wagon. Is it the same with food?
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if one has a tendancy to beat his wife when hes drunk, i would say that even a sip of alcohol is something to be avoided. its all how much control you have on your own life. i understand that people have different weaknesses different tolerances. but its all just the individual struggle. some people have bigger problems to overcome than others, in the long and ths short, and in cold words, thats how it is. but irregardless, the better person is the one who simply does what they have to do to be happy, to do him or her self justice as well as their family. and if being fat is making someone unhappy, then take control. if the thought of dying 20 years too soon upsets you, take control. if not, then disregard.
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