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Why me. Why anyone

This is a discussion on Why me. Why anyone within the Eating Disorders forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; sometimes i just think why do i have to be the fat one. im the fat one in the family, ...

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Unhappy Why me. Why anyone

sometimes i just think why do i have to be the fat one. im the fat one in the family, in my school group, in my soccer team im just the fat one. i weigh alot and im 18 i finished school this year and nothing has really been good since i can remember. I dont know why i eat so much or why i relapse so much im just a huge yoyo with no point in life. i started trying to lose weight in year 8 i was at a great gym going with my sis and nan then they stoped so i did, i tried again in year 10 this time the gym closed by this point all the weight i lost came piling back in and i fell deeper into my pit of despair. the thrid time i tried was in year 12 and i loved exercising it was a part of my life. but the big bad food monster would never go away. so i gave up and put twice of what i lost on. now im fat cannot control what i eat to save my life and dont know what to do. i feel alone even though there are so many out there like me. i hate it. my whole life i have been different ever since i can remember i was fat and now i am depressed and fat not feeling good at all
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Eating disorders are some of the more common copping strategies that people use even when their destructive, I do it as well especially when I'm stressed. Alot of the times its due to another underlying problem that we may not be aware of. Aside from being fat is there something else in your life which you would like to see changed?
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Faceless, I think you have hope.
Consider how many people hate exercise.
You actually "loved exercising" and seem to have done well with it.

You know as well as anyone how good exercise can make one feel and can encourage one to make healthier food choices.

Go back to exercising as soon as possible. Accept that you will not immediately be as fit as before, but know that you will be pleased with the results. If you want to eat less healthy things, save them for immediately after exercising.
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