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Emotional overeating

This is a discussion on Emotional overeating within the Eating Disorders forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; Aries, thank you sooo much for your reply! That was very helpful and inspiring. I have been better at going ...

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Aries, thank you sooo much for your reply! That was very helpful and inspiring.

I have been better at going to yoga since that day when I felt really bad about it, and it's something that helps me feel a lot better. My job is actually on a volunteer basis, I work with kids, so that's usually something that is positive in my life.

And as for journaling... I've always been someone who writes a lot, but lately with all the negative feelings I haven't really wanted to express myself for some reason. I don't know, I sort of don't want to dwell in the negative.

Yesterday I exercised for 2 hours and had a lot of fun doing it. Today I'm going to yoga. Maybe on the weekend I'll walk around the neighborhood. I just want to find the strength somewhere to not indulge in eating everything in sight all of a sudden. These moods just seems to get a hold of me, and I feel weak and unable to stop myself.
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alicedanslalune - Sometimes when we get out our negative feelings/thoughts or unloading them, it can give us the opportunity to start focusing on more positive things. We all need to 'dump' things that we feel affect our daily living. Also, just thinking outloud here, hope you don't mind. Writing down the negative things & then changing them, into more positive things, to motivate us to keep us "on track" so to speak.

Maybe try to "replace" what you're eating with healthier substitutes, might be helpful? To me, when I have to many num-nums (as I refer to them), that are bad for me, & I replace them with more healthier things. I tend not to feel so guilty & it does help me. Yes, we all need a "chocolate fix" once in awhile, but we shouldn't feel guilty when we indulge on that feeling.

Exercise is great; in all areas of your body/mind. Maybe if you're intrested in this suggestion, you might want to think of mediation. That's another way, to me, to really get "in touch" with your inner self. It also is very good for helping with relaxing. That's just my thinking; however.
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I'm going through the same and I know how f**king horrible it is! Wouldn't wish it on Hitler.

Exercise is the key but finding that motivation can be so difficult.

If anybody would like to form a kind-of 'support' system over PMs I'd really like that?
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Currently taking a step back from alcohol for a two week period.
I was getting a little out of hand with it again for the first time in a while.
What do I do instead?
Eat like a goddamn cow.

I can't win. -_-.
"To the Waters Of Ain"
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binge eating, depression, eating disorder, over eating

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