Bulimia, hair issues and donuts.
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Bulimia, hair issues and donuts.

This is a discussion on Bulimia, hair issues and donuts. within the Eating Disorders forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; Hi guys, Ok...this is the first time I post about this issue of mine. As far as I remember, I ...

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Default Bulimia, hair issues and donuts.

Hi guys,

Ok...this is the first time I post about this issue of mine.
As far as I remember, I have had always problems regarding the way I look. When I was a kid, people would say (especially my own sister) how my hair was ugly because it was curly. We are 3 siblings and I am the only one with curly hair (Thanks, dad!). Friends at school would make comments that I looked like a lion. It was so depressing and upsetting for a child.

To make things worse, when I was about 7 my nanny took me to the hair saloon to have a hair cut. The crazy hairdresser cut my hair as short as a boy usually has and I couldn't stop crying seeing my hair falling down my head. My mom got home and saw my almost shaved head and cried as well.I didn't want to go to school because the kids would say that I was a boy...my mom went there to talk with the class and also bought me a collection of hairbands ...with that, they would definitely see that I was a little girl.With very short hair.

Making long story short,I have a hard time with my hair, with my weight...everything. I have gained some weight in the past year and I feel ugly and horrible. I feel like vomiting everything that I eat and I already treated bulimia few years ago.

I see some women on my way to work in the morning with this skinny body, beautiful straight hair...and I get so depressed. It really puts me down.

Last year I got to the bottom of my depression and I was skinny. Now that I am happy and fine, I find another thing to be sad and depressed about. What is wrong with me? Why is it so hard to accept who I am?

I am also from Brazil...there we have A LOT of pressure to look stunning and skinny ALL THE TIME. Here in the US I don't feel the pressure...but I am going home for the Holidays and I am already nervous about what they will say about my gain of weight and such... it sucks.
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I really feel for you. I have long curly hair. But that may be the only thing I like about myself now. I hate my big nose. Sometimes it is so difficult to get dressed that I end up torturing myself, trying on every outfit and not finding ones that work and then running horribly late, and feeling even worse, even more annoyed at myself. I feel like just getting out of the house is a feat to itself. I totally compare myself to others and that is so hard, especially when there are women that appear totally stunning in an effortless way. I am so sorry you feel that way too.
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have you tried straightening your hair? I do this all the time now (I have always had curly hair) it certainly helped with my confidence.

I had a crap time through school too...I was the nerd...through primary school i had to correct a lazy eye so over one side of my glasses i had to wear a patch....kids can be so cruel...my memories of school are my worst.

the only advice I can really give is to try new things with your look...thats what i did...i tried changing little things..spending a little extra time on my appearance and its a wonder how much good it can do for your confidence :)

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^ this. Use products and you won't damage it. stop throwing up and you'll have more shine to your hair, dear.

I did Bulemia for 3 months, lost 60 lbs, but i was also on my feet 10+ hrs a day in the hot sun. it falls off. but i also did irreversable damage to myself. i have a sleep disorder from it, my bottom two middle teeth are literallly HALF the thickness they used to be. Do not. be. bulemic. Also, there's a dif' between Forced Bulemia and Bulemia.

Long term side effects also include hair growth in places it's not supposed to be. just a friendly heads up.
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I had had it for yrs it all started after I was raped at 14 i thought somehow if I was so skinny that it wouldnt happen again and or it was something i could control.it was a crazy time in my life the doctors the POLICE courts the whole thing has screwed up my whole life.I LOST ALL MY TEETH I have no more periods i cant have children and to make it worse i got so small they gave me male horomones to make me gain wieght.im now bigger then what i started of course but im better in some ways and effed in other ways.Its so not worth it by the time u get thin through this method ur gonna be so messed up its not PRETTY.
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