Binge Eating Disorder?
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Binge Eating Disorder?

This is a discussion on Binge Eating Disorder? within the Eating Disorders forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; First off, let me say I am sure there are other people here that are suffering similar issues as I ...

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Default Binge Eating Disorder?

First off, let me say I am sure there are other people here that are suffering similar issues as I am, and are probably in a much worse condition than I am currently.

With that said, I'm pretty sure I've developed a binge-eating disorder, and I'm not really sure how to control it at this point.

All my life I was a pretty chubby kid. But last May, my mom suffered a major stroke, and it really became an eye-opener for me. I decided it would be a good idea to change my lifestyle before I suffered the same fate as her. I began eating a lot better - healthy foods, which I was eating about 1,500 - 2,000 calories per day. I was also walking from home to the hospital and back to visit my mom, which was about 10 miles per day. After half a year, I went from 200 lbs down to 130 lbs.

I maintained that weight until a few months ago. For whatever reason, what I was finding so easy for so long, was now becoming difficult. I woke up every morning with the intention of eating well, which I was able to do for most of the day, but when I came home from work in the evenings, those good intentions suddenly turned into an uncontrollable binge-eating session. My 2,000 calories per day suddenly was becoming 4,000 and 5,000 calories per day. I would overeat a little bit, and even though I would try and fight it, I would ultimately say things like "one day won't kill me", and "I've already cheated a little bit, I may as well keep going". Even though I knew this was a terrible way to think.

I've gone from 130 lbs to 142 lbs since I started binge-eating again. 142 lbs is obviously still a healthy weight for my age, but I'm just worried that I won't be able to start controlling it before that 142 lbs turns into a lot more.
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Hi ,

You may possibly have been eating too low for your weight/height/muscle ect ect. I am a 6 foot female, smaller frame, & I am active. I eat around 2300-2600 & up. I am no longer in a growth spurt, & if the avatar is truly you, I'd say you still are. I've eaten as high as 5500 cals/day as I had a very active job, & I worked out on top of it.

I think it is excellent that you've turned to better eating habits! I am sorry to hear about your Mom, I hope she is doing better now.

Have you gotten into lifting at all?

You may be binging out of emotional needs, or your body may be telling you, I'M HUNGRY, & I can't take this any longer! OR I'm hungry for more nutrient dense foods. Try searching BMR ( basal metabolic rate ) this may help in terms of how much you need to eat.

I usually take my weight x 14-18 give or take on my activity levels. If I need more, I up it another two to four hundred, & vice versa.

IDK if we're allowed to mention other websites on here (or that I can remember), but one that I really like, & learned a lot from is bodybuilding (dot) com

Depending on how you've been eating, maybe you went cold turkey on all your favs? Allowing yourself a little bit every day or every third day may be helpful to you. Or have what they call a "cheat day" once a week.

Try not to beat up on yourself too badly, after all the choice is ours.

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I wanted to add to the above that when I am not active at all, I cannot consume 2000 for too long before wanting to binge. A few years ago I started teaching myself about nutrition & went from chubby back to slender. At that time because I did not know better I followed what other women were doing on a weight loss forum. I was just learning about calories. I ate around the same as you and a bit more. I could handle not binging every 3 weeks.

Being so strict with my calories led me into an even harder disordered eating territory. Its really good to find balance and what works for you solely. Heck you may even find that you can eat more of those whole foods calorie wise and still keep a healthy weight.

Remembering that you could have a higher weight than you do now with a lower body fat percentage and still be lean. Even shapely.
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Hi MH.

We share a great deal in common. I was a fat kid from around age 6 onward. I started working out for the first time at 20 years old, lost a bit, went through a bout of depression (shitty job, unhealthy relationship, financial crisis), and my maximum weight was approximately 105 kilos (≈230 pounds) at 21 years old. I am 170 cm (≈5' 7") tall, so that was a very unhealthy weight.

So I worked out diligently and ate the right amounts of the right foods for about a year without major incident and lost around 40 kg (90 or so pounds).

New problems eventually emerged. First alcoholism, but then after the courts and I decided I needed to stop drinking, food became my comfort. I went into full-fledged bulimia, however. I don't know if you've ever had the displeasure.

You know, food in large quantities works like any other addictive substance. Overeating triggers feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain. If you need help from a group with meetings and all, look up Overeaters Anonymous. They are a 12-step program for food addicts of all kinds.

Also, realize that many if not all of us former fat people think alike. We all struggle with thinking «well I already blew it today, so I may as well just keep eating whatever I want» from time to time.

Food addiction is tricky. With alcohol, I was able to stop drinking, and the power it once had over me dissolved away eventually. With food though, I feel like I have had to tiptoe around my addiction. And at times it has meant that I have felt emotionally hungry (I have learned to recognize when I am experiencing emotional hunger vs. physical hunger).

Anyway, I'll try not to ramble on too much longer, but here are a last few points. If you work out more intensely, you can eat more. BUT, the intense workout will cause the feel-good neurotransmitters just like overeating does, so you simply won't feel emotionally hungry as often. On Sunday this week, I took my bicycle out for 4 hours. I rode 35 miles and burned 3200 calories. I celebrated that with 700 calories of cake and Oreos yesterday. I earned it.

Finally, I highly recommend lifting weights. I have used the Bowflex Selecttech and Weider Speedweight, both of which allow you to select your weight level without needing a big set of weights. I use Chalean Extreme (fitness DVDs), which is all about weight-lifting. If you are a boy, you'll build up muscle mass. If you are a girl, you won't bulk up, but you'll become leaner and more defined. Muscles burn calories, even when you're resting. Plus, muscle makes everyone look more attractive, which can boost self-confidence too.

I hope there is something in all of this that is useful to you.
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