Three weird dreams
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Three weird dreams

This is a discussion on Three weird dreams within the Dreams forums, part of the Diversions category; Hi all, glad to find a dreams thread on here because, ironically I am going through a bout of insomnia ...

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Default Three weird dreams

Hi all, glad to find a dreams thread on here because, ironically I am going through a bout of insomnia and have been thinking about three recurrent dreams I've had and wouldn't mind a bit of insight on them.

The first is one I had at least once a week from a very young age until I moved to a new city at 7 years old. It was out a long gnarled and bare tree with a witch standing next to it. It was always twilight and both were black silhouettes. There was never any movement in it, from the tree or witch but I was terrified of it and after having it I would remain on edge all day.

The other two I have regularly now. The first is one where I am usually in a conflict with someone who has betrayed my trust in two life and I know we are about to get into a physical fight and try to throw the first punch and either I can't do it at all no matter how hard I try, or its a really weak punch which does nothing. Either way I wake up from these dreams really frustrated.

The last one, which I've had very recently, is about walking up stairs. I usually need to get somewhere but the only stairs I can take are ones which don't have the kickboard on them, so I can see between each step. Usually it's quite a long staircase too, and often it's in the middle of the room with nothing either side of it but it does have rails. The problem is I am absolutely terrified of walking up these stairs, sometimes I will make it up to the point that if I fell I would cause some serious damage but usually I won't even try to climb them and suffer a massive panic attack. I usually stay in this dream for a long time. The latest one I've had I was actually telling the people I was with about these dreams and we had to walk upstairs and the first couple of staircases were normal but then sure enough I reached what was the worst I have encountered in any of the previous ones and again had the panic attacks but they were bad enough that I woke up having a panic attack.

Any thoughts on any of these?
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