the last dream i remember having
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the last dream i remember having

This is a discussion on the last dream i remember having within the Dreams forums, part of the Hobbies category; this was ages ago- before i even got imsomnia but it meant so much to me, i thought i'd share ...

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Default the last dream i remember having

this was ages ago- before i even got imsomnia but it meant so much to me, i thought i'd share about it:. it's 1 of those dreams that meant so much it just got stuck in my mind.

anyway- it started in my house, this massive fight between me and my parents. my parents finally said to me- look, we're not interested in what you have to say anymore, we can't help you- get lost. and they through me out. which in a way kind of resembles reality... so i like that part even though it's not nice.

anyway, their i was- thinking to myself, well if no one understands what i'm going through but me, what's the point of trying to speak out?

so i went far far away, where nobody can find me

eventually, i came to a mental hospital- and thought i'd check myself in.

i was assigned to this room, where the only other person was this man called george.

we stayed for days and days just not talking to each other.

1 day though i broke the silence, and i asked him... what are you in here for?. anyway, it turned out he was in for the same things as i was- and we really got talking, and we soon became the best of friends- nothing could tear us apart.

1 evening, i asked the nurse in charge if it would be okay for me and him to take a night out and just to go for a walk or something around the grounds. she didon't really aprove of it, but we did it anyway

we ended up way out the grounds exploring the local shops of the town (i know, strange!)

we bought loads of stuff, then sat on a bench to share experiences.

then we walked back to the hospital and up to our room grinning from ear to ear that we'd had an awsome night.

anyway.. a couple of weeks later, the nurse came in to tell george that he was stable enough to leave the hospital. i was devistated- because we were such close friends

anyway it turned out that he left, and i stayed behind- and opted to stay their, no matter what happened.

he'd come to visit me at times, and we'd share a few laughs

then it finished

weird i know- but it made me think if only people were that understanding in the real world, then perhaps people would be able to help me better.

i woke up thinking i was still in the hospital, and i was shouting for george

it was the best moments of my life, even though i was asleep while they were happening

dawned on me the next morning that actually none of that was real, and people don't care about me- and i'm just hopeless

sometimes i think if i didon't have imsomnia, i'd like to go back to that hospital if only for a minit... just to get some love and understanding.

isn't it funny- that the best moments of your life are often not even reality?

has anyone else had that, they can look back on a dream and think to themselves.. well, that sure is better than anything i've done while being awake
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