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This is a discussion on How...weird. within the Dreams forums, part of the Diversions category; Okay, so recently I had this weird dream. I am at my best friends house{WHo I have never met. XD ...

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Default How...weird.

Okay, so recently I had this weird dream. I am at my best friends house{WHo I have never met. XD It's a 'dream' friend, ay know} and chilling. And her husband walks in and she has to go someowhere, so she leaves, and me and him start talking, and he starts showing me around the house and we end up in their bedroom and we start making out kinda. And he stops and says I am far to young, and that I'm a minor,but I promise not to tell anyone and finally convince him to continue{WTF?} and so we end up on the bed and we're like, starting to take our clothes off, and I want to back out, and he says that I just said I wanted this, and keeps trying, telling me how upset he is about how I got him all worked up, to back out. But I finally get him to leave me alone and then he goes to sleep. And I lay there beside him confused.
Then I wake back up{In the dream} and my friend tells me that she thinksI should go. And I think she found about about me and her husband and ask why in an urgent tone and she says because it's getting late and my mother will worry. So I nod and calm down and go home.
Then I go back the next day and the same thing happens with her husband and we almost have sex again, but I back out. And he gets upset but lets me go because my aunt just pulled up. He goes to sleep and I chill with my aunt, feeling a little jumpy then she leaves and then I go back upstaires and he is still asleep and I lay down next to him and then I go to sleep, again. This time he wakes me up and I asks why i keep backing out. And I tell him it's because I don't like him that way. And he says why do you make out with me, and I reply I don't know. Then I leave and go back the next day and nothing happens, I don't even want to touch him. Not like repulsion, just loss of interest.

Weird, huh. And what's weirder is, I'm gay. SO why am I dreamin' about kissing men?-ICKY!-
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Default Re: How...weird.

Huh.. That is a strange dream.. I can relate to the icky feeling.. :P I'm sorry..
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Default Re: How...weird.

its wierd how random our dreams can be sometime.

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