Feeling lonely after dreams
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Feeling lonely after dreams

This is a discussion on Feeling lonely after dreams within the Dreams forums, part of the Diversions category; Hiho everyone, i thought i'd share this with you all since i'm sort of a veteran in what it comes ...

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Default Feeling lonely after dreams

Hiho everyone,

i thought i'd share this with you all since i'm sort of a veteran in what it comes to weird dreams, but instead of talking about the really creepy ones, i'm gonna share one that i sort of have had a few times.

During the whole dream, i feel like i miss someone, and every moment of the dream is me with some girl that i cannot remember the face but her presence just fills me. During the years the dream has changed, but the feeling is always the same, it was like if i had in my dreams what i don't have outside. I'll talk about one that i remember, that happened about 1 month ago. I remember being in a bridge, it was cold and there was fog. I could see lots of cars with open doors, and a few people, and a girl was with me, and in the dream she was someone that i cared a lot for. I don't recall much of what happened, i just remember kissing her, but everything felt like a movie, but what bothered me a lot was the fact that this dream has the very same feeling that the ones i had similar to this one, had (years ago). The feeling is something i cannot describe, it is if i knew why i lived in my dream, but once i wake up i ask my self, why am i here and i feel lonely i guess. Also the fact that i can never remember her face... But i guess that's normal.

Yea you could resume the lonely part to the fact that i don't have a girlfriend, but i look at it in a much more diferent way. I cannot comprehend my dream, as someone said, maybe Freud (honestly i dont remember who), that dreams do have a meaning. I guess that in Freud's words, or whoever said it, it would be my brain telling me to find someone.

Anything like that happened to any of you... ever?
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Default Re: Feeling lonely after dreams

as you said, this dream cus occur because you feel lonely in real life and maybe you want someone to share with and feel close to? it wasnt freud tho.. it was hobson and McCarley that came up with reactivation synthesis (the theory that dreams have meaning and during REM neurons fired during the day are reactivated and so the events in our day are unfold in our dreams) and so dreams are seen as meaningful and not just random. as you seem to have this feeling in your dreams a lot it suggest you feel lonely a lot of the time???- thats if u believe in this theory of course.
and just some extra info if it interests you...
freuds therory was wish fulfilment..that our dreams provide wish fulfillment of repressed desires. they are repressed because they are unacceptable to the individual and he identified symbols of repressed sexual desires.. i personally dont like freuds theorys.. they usually revolve around sexual desires.


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Default Re: Feeling lonely after dreams

Or you could perhaps look at Jung's theory, which suggests that ppl in your dreams are actually extensions of yourself...in this case the girl you dream of is actually yourself, perhaps you are trying to get in contact with the femine (anima, if reversed animus) and when u woke feeling lost, this suggests that you left that part of your feminine without realising what it was. Bridges may suggest (depending on how you see and feel about bridges) is a joining of one place to another, or in this sense of one part of yourself to another. That you were stuck (i think thats what u said), and ppl were coming out of their cars (how do u see cars?) forms of transport, others seem to be getting/finding, and you are stuck.
I love this stuff, highly subjective tho, so it is all up to the dreamer to decode the symbols and what these images/places and objects mean to them, and how they could be related to your own spiritual/personal growth.
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