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Do YOU have bad dreams

This is a discussion on Do YOU have bad dreams within the Dreams forums, part of the Hobbies category; Ya know, it's odd but I rarely have nightmares... I've had roughly 10 ever that I can remember and that ...

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Default Don't really have nightmares

Ya know, it's odd but I rarely have nightmares... I've had roughly 10 ever that I can remember and that might be being generous... I just typically don't have them.

Sometimes I have uncomfortable dreams that involve me fighting with my family in vain or dealing with my classmates from school, but... other times I have just boring whatever dreams that's just rehashing what I dealt with during the day..

Usually I have cool dreams.. Neat dreams about movies or books or especially video games... If I play Assassin's Creed a lot right before bed I kinda dream about the game, largely concerned with the way you move in the game, with the controls and whatnot...

I don't know why I don't have nightmares much... I would say I've had a lot of low grade trauma steadily throughout my life that causes a lot of stress and environmentally caused depression, but not enough to mess with my dreams in a big way....

I think the reason I have good dreams usually like I do is because before bed I fuck off on reality and just daydream about books and movies and video games and the things I like.... then they seep into my mind and my dreams... Although sometimes anxiety and depression take over and I just imagine horrible things but even then I don't usually have nightmares... just boring, uncool dreams...
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I've remembered a dream upon waking up for 75 days in a row now. About 50 of them, possibly more, have been bad dreams. Not necessarily nightmares, but negative/triggering dreams nevertheless.
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One recurring dream I have is where I need to be somewhere at a certain time. Appointment, interview, whatever. Time is running out and I`m trying to find the place. I keep getting lost and whenever I ask for directions, either people would say they don`t know, would deliberately give me wrong directions or would mock me. Pretty darned weird and I would usually wake up not reaching my destination. Would be different places in these dreams.

One of these dreams was of me going through a brand new building. I know the building (it was a work place) but the weird part was that it was in the middle of a field next to a highway. The area of the actual building was built up and yes, the first time I entered that building, it was brand new and had just came online about 5 months prior. The weird part of THAT dream was when I was going through the building, the different areas were in varying stages of completion for the interior. The shell of the building was completed and some areas were fully complete but others were varying from only framed in to ready for that final coat of paint. I even had to dodge material (studs, sheets of drywall, rolls of cable etc), while walking through these sections to avoid tripping on them.

Another recurring dream I would have is someone would be chasing me and I know he or she wants to hurt me. I would have a handgun and would shoot it but it would have no effect. I know I was hitting the person but they would only smirk and keep going at me. Strange part was when I was finally cornered by the pursuer, I would hit them with my fists in desperation and be surprised that the person would show signs of pain and would back off.
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no only weird one's
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last night i had a dream i had a new trendy dress. and i was at a party and i decided to turn it inside out... and it was full of poo stains

i suppose the dream was alright, i felt alright, but the poo stains? where they come from??

my toilet was blocked the day before and i had to unblock it and it was nasty.
either that, or i am full of shit and don't care...haha
but what i really want is to download some cool tunes from him upstairs( hello godi really am your bestest friend)
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Well, had one last night that was both weird and scary.

Got out of the car and it was night time. Looked over and can see the usual stuff in the dark (backyard etc) but for some reason felt like there was something there ready to attack me. I felt myself baring my teeth and snarling at it like some savage beast when I saw a dim shape and some eyes in the darkness. No details on it but just a shadow of something that looked vaguely human in shape. Same number of limbs and basic body shape. I actually dropped my tool box in the dream and assumed a fighting stance. I actually wanted to go after and attack whatever it was that was stalking me. I woke up at that point. Wife was still sleeping but the dog was looking at me with a scared expression.
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Default Night terrors sweating ect

I got seven ect sessions which helped my deep rooted depression. Then once home I would wake up drenched I n sweat after vivid dreams. That electro convulsive treatment must be a last resort. I mean electricity through the brain its brutal.
My dreams have gone now but I was knackered getting some up sweating every night.
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I know about this one. I realized it few years ago. When I have bad dreams, once I realize I‘m actually dreaming, I shut my eyes tight qnd quickly open them. Next thing I see is my room and me in my bed. But I never succeded controling them. But, since year ago, it doesn‘t frighten me anymore. Dreams that used to scare sh*t out of me are not scary anymore. So, no need to wake up anymore. But, yeah, it works
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yes I do.

thankfully not too often, because if it was every night, I am not sure that I'd be able to cope

but yes.. sometimes I do

I did yesterday and spent the rest of the night sat with my carer watching disney dvds- so no sleep for either of us!
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I do experience having bad dreams but not that often, and I usually wake up if ever I have one
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