Where's the quit button?
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Where's the quit button?

This is a discussion on Where's the quit button? within the Depression forums, part of the Depression Forums category; It's hard to say anything, but my life feels hopeless. I tell myself "feelings aren't truth" and try to think ...

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Default Where's the quit button?

It's hard to say anything, but my life feels hopeless. I tell myself "feelings aren't truth" and try to think on good things and avoid the bad.

Success in my professional life and utter failure in the personal... but I recall the happiness I had in poverty.

I would say, "I can't go on", but who am I kidding? I'm too gutless to kill myself and too honorable to leave my responsibilities.

A nice little trap, that. I hate being a nice guy, except that the nice guy in me wouldn't change a thing. I can't leave behind those who rely on me...

I have literally no one to talk to. My closest relationships all look to me for help and guidance. Talk to a stranger? Not sure I could trust their sincerity...

...so I did the obvious thing and opened up to a public forum of strangers.

I find that I hate myself to no end. Truly the only thing worse than my presence in people's lives is an unexpected absence.

Crap...thanks for listening...er... reading
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a quit button does not exist==it's people's own decision in life..
and whatever that decision is?==it's their own..
is it lack of willpower,determination?
what to do then?give in to the negative powers within ourselves?
oh NO..not my cup of tea..I believe in life..
**Clouds come floating in my life,no longer to carry rain or usher storm,but to add colour to my sunset sky**
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Not killing yourself doesn't mean you lack the gut to do so, it means you're strong enough to go on. You're staying strong for the people who care about you, and that's admirable. Also, if people are relying on you, I'm pretty sure they don't dislike your presence.

It seems to me that your loneliness is your main affliction? Have you ever tried making friends online? there are plenty of online communities for anything you might be interested in, and perhaps you could find some people to talk to there. Online relationships aren't for everyone, but they can potentially fill the void. What brought me out of suicidal thoughts initially was making online friends, so I hope that it works out for you too if you decide to give it a shot.

Also, do you have any passions in your life? perhaps you could explore some new hobbies, and find something that puts some color back into your life.
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