New and don't understand depression..HELP?
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New and don't understand depression..HELP?

This is a discussion on New and don't understand depression..HELP? within the Depression forums, part of the Depression Forums category; Hello. I am a newbie when it comes to depression and could really use some help in understanding what's going ...

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Default New and don't understand depression..HELP?

Hello. I am a newbie when it comes to depression and could really use some help in understanding what's going on. It all started about 6 months ago after several life changes and health problems. I became lethargic, felt like I had the flu, and basically could not get out of bed becasue I just felt so bad. I went to my doctor, the one who knew my history with health problems over the past few months, and he said that I was depressed (after doing all kinds of test, heart, lungs, etc...all good). I looked at him like he was crazy. Depressed? I'm not depressed. I'm not sad...I just don't feel good. He said that this is what depression can feel like and started me on Lexapro. He also gave me xanax as I was having what I now know were panic attacks as well. OK, skip forward 5 months. I have been back to feeling pretty much normal, doing normal activities and generally feeling good...when BAM, out of no where, here it comes again. I have been in bed for 2 days, feel like I have the flu again, no energy..nothing, just like it was before. Can someone please tell me if this is normal for depression? Does it just come back, out of nowhere, even though I am on medication? I feel like I am going crazy! I don't know enough about this to know if this is normal. Should I call the doctor, or will it just pass? Any info from anyone who has been dealing with depression for longer than I woudl be greatky appreciated.

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It sounds like you have the physical symptoms of depression without the mental ones. (Yay for you!) There could be a thousand different causes of exhaustion. But if you're just lying in bed because you have no energy and not because you're crying and utterly convinced of your personal worthlessness, it might not be depression. Depression happens when serotonin (the chemical that your brain produces that makes you feel happy) doesn't work right. If, as you say, you're certain you're not feeling sad, maybe it's not depression.

That being said, depression IS cyclical, so it's very natural that you're having another bout of it. And if the meds helped, that's fantastic.

Since I assume your primary care doctor was the one who diagnosed and medicated you, I would suggest making an appointment with a psychiatrist (or at least a psychologist). But by all means, if you're not feeling better, see SOMEONE. You can't live your life properly when you feel the way you do, so you need to get it taken care of, no matter how it's done.

Just a side note to make this extra long--are you under a lot of stress? Stress can have an enormous physical toll on the body, and panic attacks and sleep problems are common effects.
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Thank you for your comments. Just a bit of history, back 6 months or so ago, I started having some health problems (chest pains, passing out) and no doctor could figure out why, despite doing a full heart workup, EKG, stress test, echo, etc. After a couple of months of this, is when I started to feel the way I describled in my first post...lethargic, flu"ish" feeling, just generally sick feeling. My doctor told me that combination of the stress of not knowing what was wrong with me and the other stress I had in my life recently (the death of my 4 month old nephew, my best friend's son was killed in a car wreck, my son's 2 best friend's were killed in a car wreck together and my daughter leaving for college, all within a years time) was just too much for me to handle and it basically threw my levels of "whatever it is" ( I can't remeber what what he called it) in the brain that keeps everything in check out of wack and sent me into a depression. I told him that if someone could just figure out what was making me pass out that I thought the rest was just go away as that was the main source of my emotional stress at the moment. This is when he put me on the Lexapro. Slowly things started to get better. No more passing out, I began to feel back to my old self and then it just hit me again, like a ton of bricks, right before Thanksgiving. I am also having a horrible time sleeping all of a sudden and when I do I have terrible nightmares. I don't know if it was the stress of the holiday coming up or what. I do have another close friend whose 15 year old daughter was just diagnosed with brain cancer, which has spread to her lungs, bone and lymph nodes. I'm sure that has added some stress as I am worried sick about her too. Soo, I guess my whole post was to ask if depression can just come and go this way while on medication. I think I will make an appointment with my doctor and talk to him about it again as something has to give. I mean, I am thankful I don't have the sadness that usually accompanies depression, but this overall yucky feeling is horrible. I feel like I am never going to be "normal" again...

Thanks again for your advice, I appreciate it!
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my friend has chronic fatigue syndrome and has those very bouts. For years she had been misdiagnosed with depression and prescribed anti-depressants. She thought she was going crazy. I am telling you this only as a form of information and as someone who has absolutely no medical knowledge whatsoever.

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Default Thank you

OK, thank you very much. I will read up on this as well and see what I can find.
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depression, flu, lexapro, panic

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