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Mental Immaturity

This is a discussion on Mental Immaturity within the Depression forums, part of the Depression Forums category; My own immaturity frightens me. Im 26 now and i feel like I havent mentally progressed much since I was ...

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Default Mental Immaturity

My own immaturity frightens me. Im 26 now and i feel like I havent mentally progressed much since I was about 15. And even for a 15 year old my sense of humor and interests were even immature for that age. I just fear that if my mental maturity doesn't get in sync with my age im going to always have to be fake and put on a persona of someone my age. No girl wants to date a guy whos constantly laughing about poop and fart jokes haha. But honestly I dont find anything adults talk about to be funny in the slightest. Its all so boring and stupid. I actually dont find many things funny anymore except for the completely absurd and the completely infantile. Jack Vale's fart prank videos on youtube are honestly the funniest shit I've seen in a while, but even my roomates agree that if I really want to date I need to drop the constant fart jokes. Why aren't I growing up? If anything I think its getting worse. As if Im getting lesser in age mentally every year. Your supposed to find someone you can truly be yourself around but I dont see that happening with the way things are going
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Nah you sound perfectly normal to me. I wouldn't call that mental immaturity. It's just what society made you believe it would be by enjoying those considered "silly" or "over the top nonesensical" things.

Jeez one big fact about feeling awful about yourself is finding a laugh out of things that are sudden out of place and completely disjointed from reality.

So maybe just random farts for no good reason are helping you get through the day.

This honestly just comes down to your sense of humour. It's subjective and everyone finds different things funny. Don't let it get to you too much.
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Low brow humour is still humour. Some people like it, others don't. Nothing particularly mature or immature about one's preference in that matter.
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You know what man, be yourself. You won't be happy being in a relationship with someone if you have to pretend to be someone else. Some girls might find it charming that you get such enjoyment out of such dumb jokes, I know for a fact that there are girls with a similar sense of humor.

I'm 22, and I am also ridiculously "immature" when it comes my sense of humor. I laugh at some of the dumbest shit xD and it's great tbh (well I enjoy all forms of humor, not just the infantile). Better to laugh at a lot of things than to be boring and "mature". What's great about being mature if all it means is that you enjoy less things than kids? Real maturity is not conforming to what society says is acceptable for adults and just simply enjoying what you enjoy.
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