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Just looking for a little help?

This is a discussion on Just looking for a little help? within the Depression forums, part of the Depression Forums category; Hi, i am a 19 year old girl and i would like some advice about depression/OCD. I come across as ...

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Unhappy Just looking for a little help?

Hi, i am a 19 year old girl and i would like some advice about depression/OCD. I come across as a really happy person, i'm intelligent and i like the way i look but a lot of the time i feel really low. I started university in september and it has made me realise more how anxious i am. Whenever i speak to someone new i find myself constantly worrying about what they are thinking of me, i don't feel like anyone really likes me. I have made no new friends at university except my flat mates, but i know the two girls like eachother far more than me, i think i must be a really boring person. I am polite and nice to people but i always struggle thinking of what to say, or i think about what im going to say too much, or worry when i have said something. I never feel as though i can be myself. I have two best friends from school who i love, but recently even when i'm alone with them i am just worrying about what to say. The only person i truly feel okay around is my boyfriend, but i think he would be upset if i told him i might be depressed. When i am alone i feel sad about how i can't make any friends. I was assaulted last year by a girl i know and she got found not guilty in court and completely got away with it. I think about this every day. It takes up my thoughts and interferes with my work and social life. I get very obsessive thoughts, i also get stuck in phases where i believe that if i don't do a certain thing something bad will happen. At the minute i have to close every app on my phone or i can't settle properly. I've never really thought about depression much before. Am i depressed? I feel that i would sound silly saying all of this to a doctor. Also my nan is very ill at the moment, my mum is bi polar and i worry about her a lot, my dad also takes anti depressants. I am very stressed with exams at the minute and im very irritable with little energy, but i struggle sleeping. I'm not sure if there is actually something wrong with me or am i imagining it. I really don't know please help.
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I'd recommend talking to your general doctor about how stressed you are. College is already really stressful, but seems thing to be stacking up a bit for you.

If you'd rather not go to the doctor, I'd recommend trying meditation. Just sitting, or lying down, thinking about nothing. Not letting yourself get distracted, by things you see, hear or even random thoughts. Your brain is an organ just like every other one, sometimes it just needs to cool down.

If you think your boyfriend would get upset about you being depressed, tell him that you are stressed when hes not around. Ask for him to hang around more often, not necessarily dating but just being around while you study or getting lunch more often. You wanting to hang out with him will probably give him a confidence boost, and him hanging out with you will help you relax more. Everyone wins!
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