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Hard to cope! please help...

This is a discussion on Hard to cope! please help... within the Depression forums, part of the Depression Forums category; I am a senior in High School, and I have been cheating on some of my tests. I have been ...

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Default Hard to cope! please help...

I am a senior in High School, and I have been cheating on some of my tests. I have been caught doing so, and I now fear that my teachers will (or already do) hate me for being dishonest. I have spoken to them, and they do not know what to do, as I was always known for being a good student. I am unsure what to tell them, other then feeling bad and guilty.

I am not sure if I have some issue coping with stress or if I have some sort of problem.
I am now very depressed, and it seems like a trivial issue. Why would I be contemplating suicide over such a non-serious issue?
I am very affected now, and feel saddened by my behavior. I am now facing the situation of having to tell my parents, who will be very surprised and disappointed (and parental disappointment is the worst feeling, only adding to my stress and depression).

Should I see a professional person?

Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you.
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If you're seriously contemplating suicide or self-harm then by all means see a professional or call a hot-line!

I think your teachers will understand if you can show them just how guilty and terrible you are feeling about it. Your parents probably will be disappointed, but there's no avoiding that. Just know that over time the disappointment will go away and in a few months or years they'll hardly even remember you ever cheated.
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In my non professional opinion I think that if you are contemplating suicide for a non-serious issue then you should seek the help of a therapist. If you feel this bad over what you consider a non-serious issue, then how are you going to respond to what you consider a serious issue. I have come to understand that the was I respond to things is because of my bipolar. When I am in a mania, nothing bothers me, but if I am in a depression, the same things upset me a great deal as if the world is coming to an end. I understand the feeling of worrying what people think about you. It's easy for normal people to say not to worry about it, but for people like us it is crucial.
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I agree with those above me; definitely seek help if you're even considering it. Think of it this way-- telling someone that you're feeling this way can't hurt you. You'll feel much better when you let it off your chest, and you'll realize that things aren't as bad as you're viewing them right now.

Also remember that stress in high school and the pressure to do well are very, very common. Clearly you are not a "bad person": we all make mistakes and we all do things that we know aren't necessarily right when pressure starts pushing down on us. I think you should talk to your teachers about how stressed you've been feeling. Tell them how sorry you are, and offer to make up work or tests. It's going to be scary, but teachers aren't completely in the dark about what an emotional roller coaster this time in your life can be. If you let them know how sincerely upset you've been feeling, they will understand.

Good luck honey <3
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With the school stuff.... i used to have my parents and teachers on my back about my marks until the very last year of high school. Eventually i realised that if i continue im gonna be working at Mcdonalds or KFC serving burgers the rest of my life getting shit from 14 year olds. From that point ive never looked back.. went from basicly the bottum of the class in high school (30 students) to one of the top students in my year for my engineering degree.

All you gotta do is put the work in it WILL pay off.

Just see this point in school as a turning point and dont look back.. you wont regret it.
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You aren't the first to cheat and get caught. Just remember that. Teachers have the job of teaching and grading your work. What they think of you is not part of their job. You made a mistake- CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

We all make mistakes in life. Another name for mistakes is LESSONS. You mess up, you learn from it and grow.

As far as your parents, well, they made mistakes too. If they can't realize that then just grit your teeth through it. Parents are hard on us because they know all the ways to screw up and hope it doesn't happen to you. They often forget that mistakes are lessons.

It's your life. Remember that what you put into life and what you get out ultimately affects you, not them in the long run. There will always be people to ring you down and make you stress about how they feel or what they think about you. You could spend your whole life worrying of such things.

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