Ark Island - a roleplay
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Ark Island - a roleplay

This is a discussion on Ark Island - a roleplay within the Creative Writing forums, part of the Games and Creativity category; It was on the twelfth day of October 2014 when Captain Bioman noticed that the rain was falling so heavily ...

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Post Ark Island - a roleplay

It was on the twelfth day of October 2014 when Captain Bioman noticed that the rain was falling so heavily that there might be the need for an Ark.He gathered together his closest friends and set about saving all the creatures from the flood that was to come.There was the mischievous Mylo who scampered around like a puppy.Dragon was there, although shy and mysterious at first his strength was soon to be revealed.Spirit of the Sun was with them then as well and her radiant smile which made even the rain warm.Indigo Blue, who also came to be known as Poppy, would give advice from a wealth of different cultures.As well as keeping everyone safe, Captain Bioman instinctively knew what support and help each of his crew needed.

They had many adventures and endured many hardships.Some were of their own making.Captain Bioman struggled with his box which would fill up every night with cryptic messages.The culprits being Mylo and Dragon who spent the nights chatting and telling awful jokes.There were others who found their way to the ark like Asa and Kenna, but the trouble really started when Paco164 arrived.Instead of looking after the animals he led some of the others astray in playing practical jokes and having wild parties.The others tried to control him and in particular Dragon often used his flame to good effect.

After a month afloat they spotted a tropical Island which may well have been the last remaining land on the planet.Dragon flew ashore and claimed the mountain as his along with a cave on the beach and Sunny soon followed and claimed the next door cave.The rest set up camp and Mylo lit a fire by burning her bra.Sunny made some scones and the group set about building a new life on Ark Island.

Paco with help from Dragon and some of the animals set about building houses for Captain Bioman and for Mylo.Myloís house also had a large kennel for the two dogs.They also built a large apartment block overlooking the waterfalls and the lagoon where there were enough rooms for as many visitors who would need them.There were also communal rooms which they could all share.There was anger room where they could go to vent.It was equipped with punching bags and would often get trashed.There was also cuddle corner which was filled with cuddly creatures filled with lambís wool.It was also common for the real koala bears to be found in there.

When all the work was complete they held a special party to celebrate their new life.Nobody knows where they appeared from, whether they had been stowaways on the ark or whether they were already living on the Island but more guests arrived for the party.Britestar was there dressed as Chrissy Hynde and T3ddyB3ar turned up although she later found her own Island off the coast.Later on a rather beguiling lady who calls herself IHM and IAI but also got known as kitten turned up rather mysteriously and moved into one of the apartments.There were other comings and goings but it felt like life would go on forever in a place where pain could not enter.

That place was on the Big White wall but is now here.Paco is sitting on the beach by an upturned row boat waiting to see if anyone else has managed to make the journey.
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Default Ark Island

Paco woke underneath his upturned row boat, dusted himself down and took a tour of the Island. He made sure that all the animals were contented and undertook the daily census of the rabbits in the warren. He put on his pink tutu took the feather duster and cleaned the whole apartment block in less than an hour.
He then went to sit on the beach and gazed out to sea remembering all his friends and wondering what they were all doing now.
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ark, ark island

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