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John's Demise - Prolouge

This is a discussion on John's Demise - Prolouge within the Creative Depression Writing forums, part of the Feeding the Fire category; Just a short story I wrote that was based on true events. Cursing ahead. Be warned. It was an average, ...

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Default John's Demise - Prolouge

Just a short story I wrote that was based on true events. Cursing ahead. Be warned.

It was an average, ordinary day. Quite a beautiful one at that. All was going well, and not a single thing could go wrong for him. Not one. His school books were turned in, he was prepared for his Spanish final the next day, and he was ready to have some fun with his friends; messing around, playing video games, watching movies, cracking jokes, laughing, and, of course, "studying". Not one thing could possibly go wrong.
Well, at least he didn't think so.
He was unaware of what was awaiting him when he arrived home.
What was waiting in the darkness of his domain.
(Talk talk talk talk talk...)
It was about eight when he finally got dropped off after seven hours of clowning around, and was ready to get straight to bed after bidding his friends farewell; he did have a big day the next morning, after all. He strolled on through the front door with a smile, closed and locked the storm door, and found an old friend waiting there for him once he looked up again; his guardian angel was standing in his entry way, arms crossed in front of her and hands meeting around her abdomen.
(Talk talk talk talk talk...)
Taking his hat from atop his crown, he smiled at the sight of her in her pearl-white robe and her red sash. Her golden aura had a warm glow which could melt the darkness off of anyone's heart. Not once did it fail to bring him comfort. Nor did talking to her.
"Hello, Aurora!" John said with a perky tone in his voice.
(Talk talk talk talk talk...)
She merely looked at him with a cold and serious expression. It was like her face was etched out of stone. Her eyes held a freezing darkness to them, and it disturbed John... greatly.
"Aurora? What's wrong?"
She turned her head with an amazing elegance and grace, and slowly walked over to John's easy chair, her hands never moving from their original possision and her up-right stature never flawed.
(Talk talk talk talk talk...)
John hurried over to her side and knelt down beside her, curious as to what her dilemma may have been, his smile gone as he gazed into her flawlessly beautiful face.
"Aurora? Aurora what is it?"
Finally, she acknowledged his existance and slowly turned her head in his direction, her eyes gazing down upon him so that she might see his face. She still failed to smile.
"We have... to talk." she said bluntly, her voice void of emotion. It was chilling; so chilling in fact that John shivered underneath his leather green coat. His eyes and head were no longer under his control, and he swiftly shifted them in random directions out of confussion before finally looking back into Aurora's face with a false smile. He felt no reason to do so. He shrugged and shook his head slightly, false smile still plastered on.
"That's fine." he replied, stuttering slightly out of fear.
Her gaze never softened, never changed, never failed to disturb. It was a wonder why her face was so cold; she was usually full of energy and in joyous merriment. It was as if some darkness consumed her and tore her from God's services.
"I shall no longer guide you," she told him, her freezing gaze never shifting. "I shall no longer be your angel."
His ears must shurely be deceiving him.
"What?" he asked, his fake smile still plastered on his face as he shook his head, trying to shake the bug of shock from his mind.
"You are not pure enough for me to guide you. You are no longer good enough for me. I no longer wish to be in your pressence. You are a pathetic little worm who has no significant value in life. Your purpose is void."
What? Was she possessed? Surely she couldn't be talking to him, could she? His smile faded into one of disbelief as he looked around the room frantically, almost as if trying to find an answer or a sign.
"Bu- wha-?... what did I do?!" he asked in shock, gazing straight into her eyes with a look of sorrow and unbelievable surprise.
She said not a word, yet stood up gracefully strode to where she had been upon his arrival, hands remaining where they had been, posture never failing to flaw, leaving him upon the ground to shoot glances around the room in disbelief before he rose to his feet again and stared at her, anger filling his every fiber.
"You... you bitch! What the fuck did I do?!"
Not a word left her lips as he screeched at her, yanking things from his shelves and throwing them at her with a vicious fury, only to have them pass straight through, her face as clam as could be. He ceased his onslaught and stared at her longer, an insane rage flaring in his eyes.
"Get the fuck out of my life, then" he whispered with a calm fury.
She began to vanish into thin air, and prior to leaving him alone for an eternity, whispered with her careless voice.
"You're nothing to me..." and with those last daggers plunged forever into his brain, she vanished, never to be seen by him again.
John merely stood there, panting heavily as his wide eyes scanned the room, almost as if trying to find a trace of something Aurora might have left behind. Seeing nothing but his own possesions, and finally realizing what had happened, John fell to his knees, laid down on the floor, and went to sleep with the aid of his sobs.

lost: unable to find one's way

lost: an emotional state of such a deep depression that one is unknowledgeble of how to think, act, or speak.

Without the guidance of John's angel, he shall, forever, be lost.
There could never be a more beautiful you.
Don't buy the lies disguises and hoops they make you jump through.
You were made to fill a purpose that only you can do.
So there can never be a more beautiful you.

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thanks for sharing with us


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im the kinda girl who will burst out laughing in dead silence because of something that happened yesterday.
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