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This is a discussion on Depression within the Creative Depression Writing forums, part of the Feeding the Fire category; What is depression? Everyone has thier own take on what they think it is. This is my take. Prison. It's ...

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Unhappy Depression

What is depression?

Everyone has thier own take on what they think it is.

This is my take.

Prison. It's a prison, that sometimes you can escape. See glimpses of happiness. Then you get caught and thrown in your cell. It is solitary confinement. A life sentence. Slowly going insane, grabbing the bars, yelling endlessly for help. But this prison is unique, it is empty. You are the only captive. No one can hear your pleas for help. And medicine, it is not a savior it numbs you. It is there to make you forget you are in this prison for life. See medicine in my eyes makes you close your eyes, and dream that you are not in your cell, you are free to do what you please with your false sense of happiness. And while you are dreaming of places else where you never develop the skills to escape your cell. So when you do not take your medicine or forget to take it you are thrown back into reality of being back in the prison. Now you may ask yourself, what do I do to combat this disease. I will tell you.....I escape my cell, I've learned the skills to break free. And each time you are able to break free, it get easier and long to run away from your prison. Now the reason I say this is a life sentence is for the very reason of, eventually you will get caught again and again and thrown back into your cell every time you escape. It could be a few hours, days, months, years of freedom. But every once in a while it will find you again and bring you back.
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I like the way you described it. For me, I don't feel like I'm in prison. But I do feel confined, and very, very lonely. Like I have one of those heavy chain-linked balls attached to my foot, although it's hard, I'm free to roam around. I think I would almost prefer to be in prison or a prison-like state at times, someone else takes care of you and all you have to do is just be there. But when you're weighed down and still have to live your life and take care of yourself, see other people get ahead and be happy, knowing that they can't help you or don't understand how you feel.... it is lonely. And inward battle.
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