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This is a discussion on Crazy. within the Bipolar forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; I feel crazy. I've been hypomanic the last couple weeks - a relief because the depressive period had been a ...

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Default Crazy.

I feel crazy. I've been hypomanic the last couple weeks - a relief because the depressive period had been a very long and dark one

But I also have mixed cycles - days where I have dark thoughts and feelings and such but with the energy and discomfort/constant need to move, racing and spinning thoughts of hypomania..
Days when I'm just angry, irritable - with myself, with everyone, sad, ... and just not know what to do about it. I hate that. I try not to take it out on my gf -but she can still see that I'm mad (about nothing or just something tiny) and I think it hurts her sometimes. :sad:

And when I'm like this, it can be really difficult to communicate.
I lose my line of thought constantly, or repeat myself, miss what others say, lose interest, and/or be annoyed and not really want to listen to anyone.. at all.
I hate that.

My moods aren't really stable at all.. simple things just make me crash. The energy and spinning craziness doesn't go away though.
It's nice having more energy, but I'm still often tired lately..

Idk what else to say except that I wish I knew what to do about my gf who is particularly enjoying her depression at the moment (yay!, right?) :P
and I don't know how to help. I have to go to class or whatnot and can't make her get up... I often call at 11 and/or 12 but over the phone I can't make her get up.. I wish I knew how to help, how to be more supportive..
but it's hard to talk.. I don't really know how, and don't know how to accept or ask for help.
I'm just spinning my wheels. :(
and spinning inside my head.

(and I need to get organized.. :P among many other things)

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I am sorry to hear that :(

Maybe you could try meditating to calm your personality and thoughts. It is good in channeling anger, depression and such. Erasing all thoughts from the head... priceless. Try it. :)

Just be there for her when she is awake, speak sweetly, be caring, you two will manage, i hope :). And in order for her to wake up, maybe ask her to keep her cellphone's sound on for whole day, when she is not in classes, so you could wake her up? Or setting some loud alarm? idk..

Best wishes.
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sometimes when it's hard to communicate, when you can't get the words right..or you have the right words and they won't come out of your's easier to write. or do. if she can't wake and you are nearby..bring her green tea ( coffee and depression is a nightmare for me..just awake sad and angry) green tea has a bit of caffeine and it makes you feel better. when i get really depressed i don't want to talk to anyone, and when they try and talk or call i feel guilty for not answering and not being able to say much. and that makes me feel worse. just do little things, send texts that don't need answers. I hope she feels better and you feel better. ( the previous suggestion about meditation was extra good. meditation and yoga( don't laugh) help tremendously. it's the breathing. it centers you if you focus on the breathing.

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