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This is a discussion on Transition within the Anxiety forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; I've recently been kind of promoted at my work, so now I work in a different area with people who ...

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Default Transition

I've recently been kind of promoted at my work, so now I work in a different area with people who never really took the time, or overly wanted to get to know me. I'm trying to stay calm and reassure myself that since I have stepped away from my comfort zone (being in a area I've worked for 20 months) to a totally new area and position. I will of course feel some feelings of anxiety and nervousness. It's totally natural right.

But when you have a social and general anxiety disorder, you never quite know when it's normal teething nerves or if you're one step away from a complete break down again. I've moved from a mail room environment to being a secretary in a law firm. I'm just three days in to my new job but I already can feel the terror lodged in my throat. I'm back to constantly worrying that the lawyer I work for is angry at me, that she doesn't like me, that I'm not liked in my new department, that I'm not smart enough, that I will make a fool of fears are endless.

I had a total break down two or three years ago when I was doing another legal secretary job, so this is a case of me facing my demons. I'm scared because now I feel even though I have accomplished so much in the time since I found out I had anxiety (overcame my fear of driving, eating in public, talking in public etc) that I am not that strong at all and returning to the kind of job I was doing and failed at when I first got my panic attacks will cause all of these feelings to resurface. There is a part of me that knows that I can do it and there's another part....who is just plain terrified.

I feel so lost, I have lost my friends and am back to having no one talk to me. This has been another hit to my confidence and to my social skills that I've worked hard to gain. I'm scared also that it will start to affect my sleep and eating once again. I'm scared that I am too weak and I'm terrified that I will always have these feelings of fear and that I will never be free.
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I can definitely relate to what you said about always wondering what people are thinking of you. It becomes an obsession. Have you ever,or are you currently taking anti-anxiety meds? I've heard they can really help. Idk if this will have the same effect on you as it did me, but theres a passage from a book I read to myself every morning and it gets me in the right mindset for my day. I recently starting playing cello on the street for a living, which means performing for perfect strangers everyday, so I did have a lot of anxiety at first. The key is remind yourself of your good qualities and have faith that if you just stay calm that things wil turn out ok. Anyways heres the passage: (btw this book pertains mostly to sales rolls but if you apply the principles to just being you it really makes sense) The Scroll Marked IV - I am Nature's Greatest Miracle | Charles R Bell
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