is it socal anxiety?
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is it socal anxiety?

This is a discussion on is it socal anxiety? within the Anxiety forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; So we have a weekly game night here at my apartment where me and my husband host for our 4 ...

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Default is it socal anxiety?

So we have a weekly game night here at my apartment where me and my husband host for our 4 friends that always come over to throw a few dice around (DnD I don't want to hear any bad mouthing my hobby btw) this week 2 new people joined the game. I have met these people several times before (but we were at partys, so I was drinking at those times) and I even went to their wedding about 2 weeks ago, so i would put them in the friends catagory... just friends that hardly know anything but surface info about me. The girl even sewed my bridesmaids dresses for my wedding 8 months ago so... we even have each others phone numbers. When I am pretending to be my charachter or cutting up with a larger group it seemed to be fine, we joked around and had a good time wich is what game night is about... having fun and rolling dice. After game people are more than welcome to hang out after as late as the want since I dont work till noon. The group slowly trickled out tonight and it ended up just being me and the new couple... I like these too I think. The whole time however when we were chatting about stuff that has been going on or happend in the past... personal stuff. I became red faced and shakey. I haden't ever thought about it but when people start asking about personal life or i start talking about it I get this way. It doesnt stop me from talking about it. or stop me from conversations. I just blamed it on caffine and the cold room when I noticed it. but it makes me feel uncomfortable now that i am realizing that I always shake and blush (my face gets hot) I probably fidget too, If i take a deep breath I can usually stop shaking and calm down but I just seem to feel like I am going to get up and jump out of my skin when I start talking personal with people. Sometimes even when I say stuff to my husband I get this way. I don't know exactly how to discribe it. I never thougth tooo much of it except that it was uncomfortable to me when this happens... I have noticed that sometimes i will start to lie and it calms me down. I just get weird when I start talking about myself. what is this?
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Could just be your not ready to talk about your personal life to people your not totally sure off.
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Originally Posted by hydiidepressio View Post
Could just be your not ready to talk about your personal life to people your not totally sure off.

I agree.It is something very different from social anxiety.I ,too,get shaky and flustered when talking about "the heart of matters that are painful".But it sounds like you would benefit from a therapist ,you have to talk about these things but you can find a comfortable atmosphere in which to let it all out.

My opinion only and I am no expert.I just like to share my reaction to others situation.Social anxiety for me led to isolation and agoraphobia..I hope you do not isolate yourself.You need those friends you have.And deserve to have support.
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