Is our friendship appropriate?
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Is our friendship appropriate?

This is a discussion on Is our friendship appropriate? within the Anxiety forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; I met this girl at a summer job last year and we clicked. We started going out with mutual friends ...

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Default Is our friendship appropriate?

I met this girl at a summer job last year and we clicked. We started going out with mutual friends and got close.
We'd play fight, sit on each other's laps. We hold hands when we're alone or crossing the street. We call each other baby, hun, love etc. When we're out in a group, she gives me the most attention. But sometimes it got a little strange. We'd have intense eye contact and I've caught her staring at my lips on several occasions.
One day she told me "I think I've a crush on you. Is it weird?" She had a boyfriend at the time (we're both girls) so I laughed it off. Another time she said "I'm falling for you."

She used to invite me over to her house while her parents slept. We would smoke and cuddle in her bed, then she'd sneak me out by morning. One day before I was about to leave, she kissed my forehead and said she loves me. Then she leaned in and kissed the tip of my nose and giggled.
Then one day her mom walked in on her cuddling into me on her bed. Her mother called her disgusting and hit her infront of me. (No not exaggerating)

She travelled back for college and calls me everyday and we speak for hours at night. She always tells me she misses me and my cuddles, and how much she adores and loves me.
Sometimes she sends me "sexy" photos/videos revealing her body. And once when we video called she was only wearing a bra and sweats.
She'd say things that she's addicted to me and can't live without me and she's ready to pick me over her bf. she also said she feels he's cheating on her and she doesn't feel the same way she used to. And then she broke up with him.
A few days later she told me she had a dream where we were fighting and then I kissed her lips. She said it felt good. I avoided that subject but she brings it up sometimes to joke about it.
She said she wants to travel with me abroad to a new college and move in together. And so we did.
Initially I supported her financially But we've been fighting a lot. She would bite me really hard or slap me and I would get traumatic flashbacks from the abuse I went through. And I would drink a lot. Then we decided she should move out.
She started going around and talking badly behind my back to boys especially, saying I was gay and tried to "kiss her".
She also asked me once if I had feelings for her to which I denied.
She'd pull me in 1 day and then start fighting with me the next.
The last thing was she decided to end our friendship. She said "I was in love with you." Then rushed "as a friend."

What is going on?
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in my opinion your friend does not take you serious at all..having a crush on someone should not be taken as a game,be it gay or hetero..very often if it's only infatuation it goes by and folks forget about it,but if one starts to play it in a disrespectful way towards you or her friend...then i think it's rather weird to say i have a crush,sounds more like an apathetic kind of behaviour then since if she really would care about you in a deeper sense then she should never backtalk about you in a negative way,is it not?
maybe a case of sexual identity doubt whether she is bi or gay,who knows?
if 2 people love each other in the real sense then they feel eachother in a respectful way,it goes wrong if games are played back and forth and a relationship going that way has got a short are asking=what's going on?seems to me that she's not very serious in her ways of dealing with your or her own emotions?if it upsets you too much==just have a decent talk with her and consider going on together or not?
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