my money that i earned
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my money that i earned

This is a discussion on my money that i earned within the Anxiety forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; im stuck now with a part time job at a crappy drug store.after working my ass of for 15 hrs, ...

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Default my money that i earned

im stuck now with a part time job at a crappy drug store.after working my ass of for 15 hrs, taking up shifts others, and trying to stay caught up in my high school homework (which im not but not the pt),i finally get on the bus (that i ride like 4 times a day to get 2 and from skool) i finally get my $135.77 check.i go tog et it cashed, go home just to havd it my mother who was out of a job for almost a month and finally found 1 as a waitress holds out her hand n im forced togive her the money i worked me ass off 4.which wood be fine,im willing to do my share.its just when she takes it to go buy cigerattes and other shit we dont need n when i ask her y she bought those things when things like the rent need to be paid, she tells me that its not my money,its hers and that i need to try harder.but wat she doesnt understand it the factt hat its been 3 months since ive cut (which doesnt sound like much but it is) and i havent belittled myself i(trying to kill myself) n almost 6 months both of which our AMAZING accomplishments considering that im hiding my depression that has recent cum back n bit me n the ass about 3 motnsh ago when i started working but i decided i needed to bite it bak inorder to stop it from taking over like it did a yr and a half just pisses me off when ppl think they can walk all over me n get mad (now that i have the strength) to stop them n tell them to fuck off. plz tell me that sum1 n this website can save me 4m cutting, attempting suicide and cussing out my mohter and every1 else like those ungrateful judgemental bastards deserve!
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firstly well done for not cutting for 3 months- thats great. keep reminding yourself of how long you havent cut for and how good you feel for not doing it. im sorry your mom is using your money to buy ciggerettes, thats not fair- YOU worked hard for that and if you must pay your share then she should be spending it wisely on things like rent etc. maybe you can take the bills from her and use the money you give her to pay the bill yourself so u know its actually being spent on something useful.???
i know u are angry, i used to get so angry to at my dad when i was only earning a little each month, he always moaned about money and wanted more from me- and like you said- ive worked my arse off to earn that, its unfair i should give it all to him- when he lazes around the house and drinks beer all night.

please dont cut hunny


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